Mini-Dresses in Fall

This post is for all the ladies, and of course gentlemen, out there who love wearing their dresses but don't know how to style them in autumn/winter. Okay it's mostly just for the ladies.  Maybe one or the other may know that I am freezing basically everyday now. I really try to layer my looks... weiterlesen →


Transition into Fall

I am definitely not ready for the colder weather yet as I am an absolute summer lover and if I could than I would move to a city where it is hot 24/7. However as I am from Austria and can't change the weather I need to adapt my style to it.  I have to... weiterlesen →

From Hoodie with Love

I am so damn happy about the fact that the Hoodie is finally an It-Piece. - wearable in any situation. Long time you could only wear them at home when wearing you're "staying all day on the sofa" clothes. I have to admit that I still don't feel very chic when wearing it but you... weiterlesen →

Short Striped Tennis Dress

Last Saturday has been so amazing our running crew finally opened up so that everyone can join our runs now. So there's no opening without an opening party and as I see it  that has been the perfect time to wear my short striped tennis dress. It is just looking like a tennis dress I... weiterlesen →

Make Button-Up Shirts Look Extra

I read an article in my favorite magazine - MISS - about how to wear your shirts and blouses in a different more interesting way. All the stars are doing it and rocking this new style.  I have a button-up shirt at home that looks worn quiet unfitted. I only wear it underneath sweaters but... weiterlesen →

Below and Above – See-Through Shirt

See-Through Shirts are a It-Piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe this spring. I have seen them everywhere. The first time I saw them was at some YouTubers, living in America and I was digging this look from the first second on. Unfortunately Austria isn't that into new trends and everyone is giving you weird... weiterlesen →

Mom Jeans For The Win

If you are following me on Instagram or on my Blog you might have seen a lot of change in the way I love to dress and also how to do my Make-Up. I have been trying out so many different styles and tried to copy so many Bloggers but I finally found my own... weiterlesen →

Welcome Spring – My Go-To Look

Finally the days are getting warmer and warmer and the sun is out more often. When it comes to spring for me the only problem is wearing the right amount of clothes so that I am not feeling too cold or too warm. Does anyone else but me have these kind of problems? I can't... weiterlesen →

Oldschool Levis Shirt

Everyone is wearing it. Really EVERYONE. And everyone wants to get their hands on it. I am talking about the old school Levis Shirt. It's not brand new but it had been rediscovered by many fashion bloggers and celebrities.  When I saw it in the store I was like: I Love it, I Need it,... weiterlesen →

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