Mini-Dresses in Fall

This post is for all the ladies, and of course gentlemen, out there who love wearing their dresses but don't know how to style them in autumn/winter. Okay it's mostly just for the ladies.  Maybe one or the other may know that I am freezing basically everyday now. I really try to layer my looks... weiterlesen →


Sailor-Look: How I Style My Striped Shorts

Last week, when my mom has been here in Vienna, we went for a little shopping spree and had gone a little bit overexcited in Zara. I really have to say that I am obsessed with Zara at the moment, they have so much cute stuff and the quality is amazing for most of the... weiterlesen →

Below and Above – See-Through Shirt

See-Through Shirts are a It-Piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe this spring. I have seen them everywhere. The first time I saw them was at some YouTubers, living in America and I was digging this look from the first second on. Unfortunately Austria isn't that into new trends and everyone is giving you weird... weiterlesen →

Mom Jeans For The Win

If you are following me on Instagram or on my Blog you might have seen a lot of change in the way I love to dress and also how to do my Make-Up. I have been trying out so many different styles and tried to copy so many Bloggers but I finally found my own... weiterlesen →

Oldschool Levis Shirt

Everyone is wearing it. Really EVERYONE. And everyone wants to get their hands on it. I am talking about the old school Levis Shirt. It's not brand new but it had been rediscovered by many fashion bloggers and celebrities.  When I saw it in the store I was like: I Love it, I Need it,... weiterlesen →

Beloved Peplum Shirt

I can't tell you how ready I am for spring/summer 2017. My body just doesn't like the cold and that's why I'm more than happy that the sun is showing her face more often these days. Also the fact that the days are getting warmer and longer is such a beautiful thing that I am... weiterlesen →

Ruffles Ruffles All Over

When I walk into a store at the moment I see one huge trend everywhere - RUFFLES. Of course some of you may think that some of the pieces are totally overdone and have way too many of them but I can't help myself I am so obsessed with all of these ruffles. For me... weiterlesen →

Cutout Sleeves

As the days are finally getting warmer and I am not freezing anymore I thought it is time to show the world my newest and most loved piece at the moment - namely a sweater dress that has the most amazing cutouts on the sleeves. Another thing is that this season bows are a must... weiterlesen →

How to Style Velvet Dresses

I have been on a hunt for the perfect velvet dress for such a long time as I don't want it to be looking cheap - if you know what i mean. Many people link the velvet dresses with prostitution or bagnios - but lately it has been the hottest trend that you can see... weiterlesen →

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