Warum du einen Anzug brauchst

Kaum geht man auf Instagram ist der Feed voll mit den süßen Zweiteilern. Es gibt sie wirklich in allen erdenklichen Farben und Stilen, daher ist definitiv für jeden etwas dabei.

Warum genau du dir auch einen Anzug zulegen solltest, das verrate ich dir hier: Warum du einen Anzug brauchst weiterlesen

My Christmas Outfit

Sunday – sitting here at my desk listening to christmas music and finally realizing that Christmas eve is exactly in one week time. 
Every year around this time I start realizing how blessed I am and how lucky I am that my only problem is whether I should wear a dress with heels or flat shoes and that I have the privilege to make such a thing as a wish list that definitely will come true as I am only wishing for materialistic stuff. It hits me every year that there are also people out there that don’t have all these privileges and so we should really start thinking about them as well and start doing something about it. At christmas it hits me the most as I am moaning about the cold and that it is also way too cold inside my flat but there are also people that don’t have a roof over their heads. 
So what I thought we should start doing is donating clothes or bring them food so they have something in their lives that make them smile a little bit.

My Christmas Outfit weiterlesen

Something Classic

I love going all out when it comes to my style but on some days I just love a classic look. This in particular. It includes three of my favorite pieces that go perfect together – thank god.  Something Classic weiterlesen