90’s Look

Früher dachte ich mir immer, wie konnte mir meine Mutter bitte solchen großen Sweater und Rollkragenpullis anziehen? - heute ist genau das mein Go-To Look.  Immer, wenn ich einen eher entspannteren Tag habe, an dem ich nur Freunde treffe, Essen oder Kaffee trinken gehe, ziehe ich mir am liebsten etwas bequemeres an.  Nun habe ich …

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5 Sätze, die ich nicht mehr hören kann

Ich wette jeder von euch da draußen kennt das. Man geht gut gelaunt zu irgendeiner Feier, in die Uni, etc. und dann das jemand haut einen Satz raus, der einen schon beim 3 mal hören zur Weißglut getrieben hat. Auch ich habe einige Sätze mit denen man mich auf die Palme bringen kann. Es sind …

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Just a Classic Look

New Year, New Me. Jedes Jahr aufs neue versuche ich meinen Style ein bisschen zu ändern. Am liebsten möchte ich ein bisschen erwachsener aussehen, was auf Grund meines sehr jungen Aussehens nicht so einfach ist. Um es zusammenzufassen: Mein neuer Look soll edgy, aber auf der selben Seite elegant und klassisch sein.   Immer wenn …

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My Christmas Outfit

click on this to find out how my christmas look will be this year. wishing you all a merry merry christmas and i hope you are all spending this night in peace and harmony.

Christmas Party in Style

December - it's the last month of the year and basically a whole month of celebration. Before christmas all the parties take place to celebrate that jesus birthday is right around the corner.  Any office is celebrating with their employees and so I thought I would show you what I would wear - maybe one …

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Mini-Dresses in Fall

This post is for all the ladies, and of course gentlemen, out there who love wearing their dresses but don't know how to style them in autumn/winter. Okay it's mostly just for the ladies.    Maybe one or the other may know that I am freezing basically everyday now. I really try to layer my …

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Crushing Fall/Winter 2017 in Leather

Scrolling through Instagram lately you can't overcome the current fashion trend - leather. In all shapes and sizes, like dresses, skirts or trousers.  For me personally I always thought leather won't suit my body type until my mother told me otherwise. Her exact words were: EVERYONE can rock leather, theres no right or wrong.  And …

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Transition into Fall

I am definitely not ready for the colder weather yet as I am an absolute summer lover and if I could than I would move to a city where it is hot 24/7. However as I am from Austria and can't change the weather I need to adapt my style to it.  I have to …

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From Hoodie with Love

I am so damn happy about the fact that the Hoodie is finally an It-Piece. - wearable in any situation. Long time you could only wear them at home when wearing you're "staying all day on the sofa" clothes. I have to admit that I still don't feel very chic when wearing it but you …

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How I Style my Ankle Boots

As the summer in Austria only lasts one to two weeks - I am already preparing myself for autumn. The last couple days have been pouring rain here in Graz and even if it had more than 20 degrees I have been freezing cold. Okay I am definitely overreacting but my body just loves the …

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