10 Facts about Me

My name is Nina Gallé. no i’m not french. I have to admit i had it in school for five years but it’s definitely not the bees knees to be honest. I used to hate my name in primary school and I really don’t know why but I guess I’m not the only one.
Now i have to say that i absolutely love my name it’s just who i am.

I was born in Graz. A small city in Austria. For all the people out there who still don’t know where I am from it is the small city Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming from. Maybe this will help you a little bit more.


Last year I decided to move to Vienna and it is still the best decision ever made. I got to know so many amazing people here who I never ever want to miss in my life anymore. if you wanna know more about my decision on moving here i’ll link my blogpost here for you. I Needed A Change

I’m born on the 30th december. On a nice winter morning small Nina opened her eyes for the first time. My mother always likes to say she just couldn’t wait any longer because I was planned to be a new year’s eve baby. For me personally I am born in the wrong season as I absolutely hate the cold winter weather.


My zodiac sign is capricorn and according to my horoscope everything you say about capricorn’s fit like a glove. For example I know that I have to work my ass off to achieve everything I want. I am very dutiful and I never stop until I finished everything I wanted – which never happens

I started studying business and economics back in Graz but absolutely hated it so i’m studying now international business and economics in Vienna. May sound weird now -but i love it. So far almost every subject makes me excited to study more and more.


I love singing – always have and always will. I sing the whole time, ask my colleges or my family. Everytime the conversation stops I’m like a little radio starting singing my songs, knowing every lyrics. My best performances are the ones when singing christmas songs – as I really feel the music.

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 4 years anniversary this year and I can’t be more happy. He is one of the most important people in my life as he is always having my back. Also had been with me through the good and bad times. I love him more and more everyday. Enough sob-stuff for one post.


If you haven’t realized up to now I’m totally into fashion. I love experimenting with it and styling myself in many different ways. Another thing I love is food – more the healthy kind of food but basically I’m always hungry. I love cooking new meals but unfortunately I’m not having the time at the moment.

Last but not least I used to play the guitar, the piano and the drums. Don’t ask me how I managed mastering all of these instruments but music just helps me relax. Unfortunately I also had to give up these hobbies, for one the piano and the drums are not fitting in my tiny flat and for the other there is still the timing problem – but from time to time i love playing all the old songs I’ve learned.


Shop my look: 

Jewelry – Fabrini (sponsored)
Sweater – Urban Outfitters
Leather Pants – Calzedonia
Shoes – Zara 

Fabrini has been so nice and teamed up with me. They gave me this amazing jewelry. I absolutely love the design and also the fact that it is rose gold and pastel pink – my most loved kind of combination. Be sure to check out their homepage for even more beautiful jewelry – there is definitely something for everyone. 
Get excited for january as well as we are making a lovely giveaway for my trusty followers so be sure to follow me here and on Instagram to always be up to date. 

There is so much amazing stuff happening at the moment. I am also part of a Advent Calendar with 59 other lovely Bloggers from Austria. I will link all there Profiles and also what the giveaways are here for you so you can check them all out. It is definitely worth it as you can win so much amazing stuff every day. Yes you heard right – EVERY DAY! 


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