Warum du einen Anzug brauchst

Kaum geht man auf Instagram ist der Feed voll mit den süßen Zweiteilern. Es gibt sie wirklich in allen erdenklichen Farben und Stilen, daher ist definitiv für jeden etwas dabei.

Warum genau du dir auch einen Anzug zulegen solltest, das verrate ich dir hier: Warum du einen Anzug brauchst weiterlesen

Romper-Saison offiziell eröffnet

Endlich ist es soweit. Das Wetter ist mittlerweile so warm, dass man endlich seine süßen Einteiler, auch Romper genannt, aus den Tiefen des Kleiderschranks hervorholen kann.  Romper-Saison offiziell eröffnet weiterlesen

My Christmas Outfit

Sunday – sitting here at my desk listening to christmas music and finally realizing that Christmas eve is exactly in one week time. 
Every year around this time I start realizing how blessed I am and how lucky I am that my only problem is whether I should wear a dress with heels or flat shoes and that I have the privilege to make such a thing as a wish list that definitely will come true as I am only wishing for materialistic stuff. It hits me every year that there are also people out there that don’t have all these privileges and so we should really start thinking about them as well and start doing something about it. At christmas it hits me the most as I am moaning about the cold and that it is also way too cold inside my flat but there are also people that don’t have a roof over their heads. 
So what I thought we should start doing is donating clothes or bring them food so they have something in their lives that make them smile a little bit.

My Christmas Outfit weiterlesen

From Hoodie with Love

I am so damn happy about the fact that the Hoodie is finally an It-Piece. – wearable in any situation. Long time you could only wear them at home when wearing you’re „staying all day on the sofa“ clothes. I have to admit that I still don’t feel very chic when wearing it but you can definitely wear them on an everyday bases when you’re not feeling like dressing up. Me personally I would definitely wear this Hoodie to university or also on a shopping spree with my friends.


When finding this hoodie on Asos I was sure that I would love it and that this piece stays in my closet forever. I mean look at this cute little heart in the middle and the color makes me smile immediately – if you’re following me for some time now you would know that it is my favorite color thaha.
Definitely something for the rainy days when you want to cheer up everyone. I am of the opinion that even when the weather is bad and gloomy – wear something colorful to bring back the sun into your life. I know this maybe sounds awkward but I hate bad days and it always brightens up my day when seeing someone wearing something colorful. 


On this day I have been staying at home was walking around the city and have been walking my dog, so basically just chilled. Such a nice relaxed day. When walking my dog I found this swing that someone hang up in the woods and was like okay I definitely need to take pictures here. I mean how amazing – of course it is not one of those tumbler swings that are decorated with lots and lots of flowers but it is a swing. As you can see my dog was also very excited about it as she crashes every single picture of mine. Unfortunately She is already a quiet old dog but she has stolen my heart from the first day on. Any dog lovers here? 


Anyways I was pairing my Hoodie with some comfy pants and nice Nike Air Max that I definitely have worn to death the past few years. When walking around in this outfit so many people were smiling at me or telling me that they love my Hoodie. Such compliments always make me smile. You know why I love hearing such things?  I don’t feel like I have wasted an outfit. – AWKWARD I know. My boyfriend always laughs about my little quirks.


I love such laid back looks and also such days as I can fully relax and recover from the stressful ones. This look would also be a nice travel outfit. Comfy and Cute at the same time and the best part is also the softness. It is just like you’re covered in a nice pink blanket that happens to be something to wear all day. Perfect for the chilly cold and bad days in summer, autumn, and winter. 


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Hoodie – Asos
Shorts – Levi’s

Shoes – Nike Air Max 

Happy Birthday Daddy

As my father is turning 50 on the 21st of December, my stepmother decided to have a nice brunch the weekend before. Another thing why this day is so special is that my father has completed the first half of his life.
We rented a really lovely café, where they were preparing a nice buffet with every food your heart desires – starting with scrambled eggs, cereal, NUTELLA, and lots of other delicious dishes. The name of it was Rosenhain Café, which I’ll link here.


After the arrival of all 50 guests, my brothers and I nearly ran to the buffet because we were starving – our day started pretty early and with all the stress we forgot to eat. Can you believe WE FORGOT TO EAT! – How is this even possible? 

I met so many people I haven’t seen in such a long time and caught up on all their gossip and what is going on in their lives. Some of them I couldn’t even remember because it had been such a long time.
Do you know this situation where some acquaintances start talking like: Oh I know you since you were a little baby. You got so adult. Do you remember me, we first met… – I hope I am not the only one that knows this kind of situation at family parties.

After everyone was satisfied and living in food heaven, the embarrassing part for my father started. At first he had to open all his presents and as his friends are still childish it was just hilarious for the guests, especially for them with the little kids which were asking “Mommy what’s that?” of course the answer always was „nothing nothing“
My boyfriend, my brothers and I bought him a nice shirt from his favourite football team in Graz with all the important signatures.
After that the slideshow started in which all cute, lovely and embarrassing pictures of my father were shown, unfortunately some embarrassing pics of me were also shown. Some times my father just wanted that the ground opened up and swallowed him.
In the end he was so touched that he almost started crying. Afterwards he told me that he really had to fight the tears but he is a man and men don’t cry.


The party was so lovely and I was smiling the whole day as I haven’t seen my father so happy in such a long time Also I really wish that one day I will also have so many amazing friends like he has. They are together since college and are still best friends today and definitely forever.

Also lots of guests came to our house afterwards, which we didn’t expect at all. The party ended at nine pm and started at 11 am. That’s how you know that the party was successful.


I really want to show you my look for that day because I really liked it. It was very chic and classy but also sporty and grungy. To compare it was a nice edgy look which I really love as you may already know. The best part of the look is the nice fury jacket which is just so soft and looks very high end but definitely isn’t.

xxx Nina