FoodSpring – Review

Was ich wirklich über diese Produkte denke.

Die Leute, die mir auch auf Instagram folgen, haben wahrscheinlich in meiner Story gesehen, dass ich einen Großeinkauf bei gemacht habe. Nun ja Großeinkauf ist ein wenig übertrieben. Ich habe mir zum einen das Proteinpulver mit Schokoladen Geschmack und zum anderen den Pancake-Mix gekauft.

Ich habe diese Produkte nun auf Herz und Nieren getestet, und auch meinen Freund gebeten, mir seine Meinung dazu mitzuteilen.

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Die besten Sportclubs in Wien

Ich brauche Sport, ich liebe Sport. Er ist einfach mein Ausgleich um nicht komplett durchzudrehen, neben Uni, Blog und auch noch Arbeiten. Aber immer nur daheim seine Homeworkouts zu machen ist auch langweilig. Manchmal brauche ich einfach die Motivation der anderen um mein Bestes zu geben.

Hier findest du meine Empfehlungen für Wien. Welche Sportclubs zahlen sich aus? Was bieten sie genau an? und natürlich die wichtigste Frage, Wie viel Geld muss ich liegen lassen?

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Selbstexperiment: So geht es mir nach der 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Von allen Seiten habe ich ständig gehört, wie gut Yoga doch für den Körper sei und wie viel besser sie sich fühlen, nachdem sie ihre tägliche Dosis an Flows intus haben.
Davon musste ich mich selber überzeugen und habe daher eine Challenge gestartet. 30 Tage am Stück Yoga machen.

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Kitzbühel – Tirol

I really needed to get away from my hometown to fully relax and refill my energy tanks again. My boyfriend needed it even more and so this two week holiday came perfectly. I mean we knew that we will be leaving this exact week but it was definitely the right thing at that moment. The first week we stayed in Kitzbühel, Tirol. My family has a really nice flat there and I spent almost half of my childhood there – every summer and almost every winter up to now. 

I can definitely recommend everyone who wants to visit Austria some day to come here as it is the perfect place for hiking and also relaxing. Shopping more or less as the stores are massively expansive – so it depends on how much money you wanna spend. 

Day One: 
After buying all the groceries and having a nice and huge breakfast we went for a hike to the Bichlnalm. We drove by car to the lift station but don’t worry we hiked up there but to be honest we shortly thought about taking the lift as it is much more comfortable and easy. 
The hike takes about two hours to get to the Hotel up there but it is so worth it. The nature and the view is more than stunning and even though we sweated like crazy – it had 32 degrees – we felt so free and happy after finally reaching the top. What I can recommend doing is drinking something in the restaurant up there. The view is amazing I have never seen such beautiful nature and colors. Another thing you can do is walking through the freezing spring water. That will refresh your whole body and get you ready for the way down. 
The rest of the day we spent swimming in the pool and tanning a little bit. In the evening we fully relaxed by having a sauna. So we combined wellness with a little bit of exercise – Balance is the key of life. thaha


Day Two: 
As it has been poring rain that day we knew that hiking may not be the best idea so we jumped into the car and drove to Innsbruck. It is a good hour to drive there but the city is beautiful. Unfortunately we spend some time in traffic and so we arrived there hangry. We ate at a place called Leopold. Perfect for everyone they have self made burgers and also nice bowls. Theres something for everyone on the menu. I was eating the Iron Bowl –  a healthy bowl loaded with avocado, onion, lentils, and many other delicious things and my boyfriend went for the burger with fries which also looked amazing. We then just strolled around the city took some pictures and ate some ice cream – so nothing special. But what is special about this city is that it is mostly surrounded by mountains which looks incredible. If you are in Tirol go there and walk around the city. Another thing to recommend is visiting the Svarowski World. We didn’t go there as we have been last year but it is every girls dream come true. So much bling bling. 


Day Three: 
What is the first thing you need to do after the raining period? Exactly haunting for mushrooms. I don’t like eating them but I love going into the woods spending there hours looking for these little yellow things to collect them. A nice place is at the bottom of the Paß Thurn. Theres a little hiking path that leads you directly into the woods. We climbed up and down for hours looking for mushrooms and found enough for one meal. Luckily I don’t like them otherwise my boyfriend wouldn’t have had enough to feel satisfied. What I love about this is that you don’t realize how much time and effort you spend in the woods as you are so focused on finding them. 
After having our lunch we again stayed at home just relaxing, swimming and enjoying life basically. 


Day Four: 
Unfortunately our last full day in Tirol we went for another hike. I wanted to show my boyfriend a path that my family and me did every summer as you come to the most beautiful water fall I have ever seen. The way isn’t very exhausting but you again see the beauty of nature all around you the whole time. It is called the Schleierfallweg. First you walk up an hill and walk by a little chapel where I like to burn a candle and think about my loved ones. The hike is about one to two hours it depends on how many breaks you take. I will just show you the pictures as words can’t describe how beautiful it is there. 
In the evening we went into the city and just strolled around and had something to drink. Thats basically it, our trip to Kitzbühel. We just fully enjoyed our lives by having saunas, going swimming and hiking. 


Of course I have some recommendations for you when it comes to having dinner or launch: 

Centro – a lovely little Pizzeria directly in the center. It has everything italian and is more than delicious. I can recommend eating a Pizza they are amazing my favorite one is the one with ham and parmesan on top. I think it is called San Daniele but I am not sure. 

Of course all the restaurants you can reach by hiking. They have delicious austrian food that never disappointed me. For example the Seidlalm, Bichlnalm and Hahnenkamm Stüberl. Never had a better Kaiserschmarrn or Schnitzel in my life than after an exhausting hike.