Warum ich eine Auszeit brauche!

Wie der ein oder andere vielleicht gemerkt hat, ist es hier auf meinem Blog sehr ruhig geworden. Normalerweise poste ich regelmäßig – zwei mal die Woche.
Ich schreibe auch wirklich extrem gerne. Generell liebe ich den ganzen Prozess von der Idee bis hin zum fertigen Post – Bilder machen, sie bearbeiten, den Text schreiben und dann dieses Gefühl der Freude, wenn man ihn veröffentlicht hat. 

Aber im Moment fühle ich mich einfach absolut nicht danach.  Warum ich eine Auszeit brauche! weiterlesen

Die kleinen Dinge des Lebens

„Geld macht nicht glücklich.“ „Man muss auf die kleinen Dinge im Leben achten.“ – Früher habe ich immer gedacht, was die Erwachsenen da schon wieder reden. Mir war es am wichtigsten später einmal ganz viel Geld zu verdienen und auch zu haben. Koste es was es wolle.

Ich habe nie verstanden, warum meine Eltern gemeint haben, dass Geld nicht das wichtigste ist. Ich meine man kann sich doch all diese schönen Dinge damit kaufen oder nicht? Die kleinen Dinge des Lebens weiterlesen

Matura, was nun?

Viele von euch halten seit einigen Tagen das Zeugnis der Zeugnisse in der Hand und sind einfach nur froh endlich frei zu sein und nie mehr auch nur einen Fuß in dieses hässliche Gebäude zu setzen. Seien wir uns ehrlich wir alle finden unsere Schule nach 8 langen Jahren einfach nur mehr hässlich. 

Nun stellt sich für viele die Frage: Was mache ich jetzt? 
Gut sobald ihr das Zeugnis in der Hand habt, müsst ihr euch ja schon für ein Studium entschieden haben, aber ich möchte euch gerne meine Story erzählen, wie ich zu meiner Entscheidung kam. Ob sie die Richtige war und warum es so lange gedauert hat um endlich glücklich zu sein.  Matura, was nun? weiterlesen

Updated Skincare Routine

As some of you may know I had so much trouble with my skin. My acne has been so bad that I often started crying and felt very uncomfortable in my body. I tried to hide every spot and on some days I didn’t even left the house at all. I think I am definitely not the only one having these problems, so I decided to give you an updated skin care routine to tell you what I am doing to keep my skin that clear.
I really hope I am not decrying anything right now – „knocking on wood“.


First of all I had been seeing a specialist to tell me what has been the issue. Personally, I think all the mental stress I have had, had been the reason for me breaking out so badly. After my move to Vienna my skin cleared up a lot, so I really think it had something to do with the situation that had been going on back home.
So what has changed in my skincare routine since I last posted about it?:

I have been changing my birth control pill to the Midane. It is specially made for skin issues and is one of the main influences according to clearing my skin. Of course you need to know that your skin won’t clear up overnight and that it is a process of more than a mont – unforunately.

Another thing I am using at the moment is a face wash of Alser Pharm- namely Dermaxaan Forte Cleansing Foam. You can get it on Amazon, I will link it here for you. I’ve never heard of the product before but Alser Pharm had been so nice and sent me a nice package of their products so I thought why not just try them out. I am very picky concerning skin care products as my skin is really sensitive. Honestly I am loving this product, I use it every evening to wash my face. I really like the way my skin feels after using the foam. I am not breaking out at all and also my skin doesn’t feel dry, which is amazing. So I honestly have to say that I am loving this product and recommend it to anyone that has mixed skin.

After cleansing I am using a creme that my dermatologist gave me – called Biretix Duo. I can’t say anything bad about it. The price is amazing, only 10 € for a gel that works wonders – AWESOME. You can get it in every Pharmacy and also on Amazon. I have to say that it is much more expansive when buying it on the internet so i would definitely recommend buying it in store.

That’s all I am doing with my skin at the moment and I have to say that it hasn’t been that clear for a long time. If you are wondering what I am doing in the morning – I just rinse it off with cold water.

I can finally smile again and show my face to the world without using any make-up at all.

Have you any issues with your skin? What are the products you guys trust in – I am really curious because I love trying out new things.

Products I use:

Dermaxaan Forte Reinigungsschaum
Biretix Duo


I Needed A Change

Many people try to change their look when spring is coming around – so am I. I wanted to cut off my hair for the past two months but never really had the guts to really do it. I was so sick of my hair and the color and also that it had been dry like the Sahara and that’s why I decided to go and cut it off – no excuses. 
I went to the coiffeur I will always trust in – namely Doppelhofer & Steininger. It may not be the cheapest but it is so worth it. Back in the days I hated going to the coiffeur but as soon as I discovered them I love it and want to come back all the time. I just love their work I always come out happier than before. I am always like do whatever you want and I never got disappointed. 


I told my Coiffeur – Matze – that I want to cut my hair into a bob and he was like okay let me show you how it will look like and I was like okay perfect. I didn’t expected him to take the scissors and cut off my hair straight away.  I was a little bit shocked first but immediately fell in love with the new length. He added some nice highlights and to make it extra ashy he topped my hair with a nice lilac tone. I wasn’t expecting the result to be that amazing. Also I have already be washing it and I love styling my new hair it is so easy. I may not be able to make a ponytail but I can through it from left to right and vice versa and always look perfect. 

98462I have to say I love it. I am so impressed with my new hair – it was just one of the best decisions ever made.
I just can recommend anyone that want to change something in their lives – whether it is hair, look, fashion or weight – just go out and do it. You will feel so much better afterwards you will feel free and also so much happier for trying out something completely new. I was so shy and inconspicuous when I was younger. I never wanted to talk to anybody even my friends I have always been the one at the party sitting in the back and watching everyone having fun. Now I am just happy with who I am and not complaining about how god made me. Also I am always thinking that everything is happening for a reason – even if you don’t know what for one day you’ll realize it. 

My Top 3 High End Mascaras

Every woman likes the perfect upward glance and so coat their lashes with coats and coats of Mascara. I am one of these women. I am pretty sure that all of you know these bad lash kinda days where your lashes just wouldn’t do what you want them to do. To me it often happened that my lashes stuck together and it looked like I had one giant lash framing my eye. Is it just me or does anyone else knows this situation.
After getting my first high end mascara I swore to myself that I will never go back to the drugstore ones. I am not saying that everything expensive is good but these three are the best I have ever used. They are just everything. 

Inner Beauty is great, but a little Mascara never hurts!

1.Smokey Eye Mascara (Bobbi Brown) – 33€

I was head over heels for this mascara from the beginning on. Not only the name but also the size of the brush and the application convinced me immediately. Often I have to dry some of my mascaras a little bit so that I am not using way too much product but with this one it has the perfect consistency. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this mascara except the price maybe but it it definitely worth the money.


     2. They’re Real Mascara (Benefit) – 26€

It has also got a plastic brush but the special thing about this one is that the hair is a little bit longer and all around the brush – also on the top –  that’s why every single lash can be reached and will be perfectly elongated. My lashes just look amazing with it. After my first try I was so overwhelmed – I definitely can say this will be my new number one. I only need one coat not more and my lashes look like falsies – what more can you want from a Mascara? The only thing I think is a little bit dumb is that it is really really hard to get it off so it is really really long-lasting. I like to remove my Mascara with water first and then use Make-Up remover but with this Mascara it is a little more difficult. So rain will not destroy your upward glance. 


     3. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara – 36€

This one was the first high end mascara I’ve ever used and it also was the reason why I never went back  to the drugstore ones. This one makes the lashes not as dramatic as the other ones and it gives the lashes just a very natural look. They don’t look dramatic at all but still the lashes are perfectly coated and well separated. If you are more into the natural look I would highly recommend you buying this one. The application is really easy and the brush is not as harsh as the other two. The hair is much softer. Also it is really easy to remove. 


All of these are very gentle to your lashes and won’t let them fall off or dry out. 
I know it may sound a little bit surreal that lashes start falling out just by using mascara but it really happened to me whenever I used the Lancome Hypnose Doll Mascara. Maybe it has been already expired but to be honest  I think it has been the formula as it also happened to my step mother.

xxx Nina 



Granny Hair

Lately I became really obsessed changing my hair constantly. As you may know I first went to really light blond hair than changed to pastel pink and now we are here my hair is grey now and I absolutely love it. 
I always wanted to get my hair done like this but I don’t know why I just was too scared of the result. The same thing with my pastel pink hair at first I was really scared to do it but then I said „It’s just hair, I can change them anytime.“ If you’re interested in my pastel hair post check it out here.

When I went to see my hairdresser last Friday the only thing I wanted to do was getting all the yellow stuff out of my hair. I swear I regret dying them blonde so much but I wanted to let them grow out but as my hair was getting more yellow everyday I decided to see him earlier. I explained him my problem and said that I just wanted a different kind of blond a cooler toned one and he was like „Hey what about grey hair?“ – I wasn’t really thinking about it as I heard myself say „Yeah thats nice“ thaha so now I am here rocking my grey hair and I love it. I got so many compliments even my boyfriend who was skeptical first said that it looks amazing. 


The procedure took about 2 hours as I got a haircut aswell and as I was dying my roots a little bit darker to match the grey better. It is only a tint so it will wash out but I hope it stays in for a really long time. I had been washing my hair twice since then and I can say it stays up to now and I am loving my hair more and more each day. Another thing is that grey hair suits everybody and I can just recommend trying it. Like I already said it is just hair you can cut them or dye them again so you can change them whenever you feel like it. Just do it you won’t regret it. 


xxx Nina

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Storytime: Moving Disaster

I wanna tell you the story about my first week here in Vienna and how my moving process had been working. I just don’t know where to begin, this moving process was the worst thing I’ve ever done. 

First of all I planned it pretty precisely and that is nothing you should do, just be spontaneous, otherwise everything, and I mean EVERYTHING will go wrong. But starting at the beginning. My plans were to move on the 13th of September, right after my trip to Tuscany. A friend of mine told me that she has a truck I can borrow and my renter told me that he will bring the key to my apartment. The university told me that all my papers have been accepted and that it will be finished by September 18th. Well so far so good. BUT than everything fell apart. 

First of all my friend told me that the truck wasn’t available at this point so I would have to shift the whole moving two weeks, which wasn’t possible because my dad took a day off to help me. I wasn’t angry at my friend but at the situation so I had to rent one, which is pretty expansive. Second the renter told me it’s not possible to give me the keys I will have to pick them up by myself so my boyfriend and I drove into the inner city, which is far away from my apartment and we were stuck in traffic for hours. Also loading my whole apartment into this truck wasn’t easy either because we had to park three streets away and had to carry everything. After finally getting my keys I lost my boyfriend because he couldn’t park anywhere so he was driving around and as we didn’t know Vienna at this time, we weren’t able to come back together. 1 hour later – finally in my apartment – it turned out that the train in the kitchen was clogged, the lights weren’t working, the seams in the shower weren’t clean and something else, which I can’t remember anymore. Well find a plumber on a sunday at night. I was crying so badly I thought my whole idea of leaving my hometown, changing my life completely was the worst decision ever made. The cherry on top was that the university was lying, my papers never reached them so that everything was for nothing. That was the worst week in my entire life, I swear. But after that everything turned around completely, the renter repaired everything, the university found my papers and I had the best first week ever. I met so many nice new people and so many friends came to visit me. I am so glad that I made this decision, I will never regret it. Now I am more happy than I have ever been. 

I hope you guys like my stories, so I will tell you more. 

xxx Nina 


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Exploring little SIENA

As the weather wasn’t always the best, we decided to go on a little adventure and explore Siena. After an hour of driving (as I see it not too long) we arrived in this little city built into a hill. All the little paths are pretty narrow and some of them pretty steep. My grandfather, who is 94 years old, had some issues climbing up but the beauty of this little town also amazed him.
On the top of the hill there is a little church which looks pretty cool from the outside, because of its painting. The main square has something special: every year horses are riding around there and thousands of people happen to be watching it. My grandpa said it is absolutely worth seeing. I don’t know exactly when this happens but I will link some information about it here.
My boyfriend and I explored it by ourselves and we found some cute alleys with lots of nice shops in it. All of them where total Italian – everything was weather made by hand or a unique object.

But here is the most amazing part about Siena – the FOOD: we came to places where pizza costs only 2,50€ per slice, but one slice is as big as your head. Also the taste is absolutely delicious. One thing Italian can do is cooking, weather spaghetti, meat, pizza or sweet stuff – when Italian start cooking it is always a culinary delight.

I hope you enjoyed my little Story about Siena and can’t wait to visit it as soon as possible. I swear by god, this city is amazing, wonderful, fantastic. Although it is very small it has so much love and attitude. I can recommend it to anyone who also loves Roma or any other Italian city.
Please let me know if you have ever been to Siena or if you want to go there one day.

xxx Nina

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Cortona – Our Paradise

Cortona – okay 10 minutes away from it – that was the place where we stayed last week. I can’t imagine something more beautiful or quiet. We have been seven people and had a villa made for fifteen – so as you can tell we had room enough.

This house – no VILLA – was so big that everyone could find a space to be alone if wanted. We had a huge kitchen, two living rooms, more than enough bed- and bathrooms, a SPA section, a giant pool with jacuzzi and if needed a playground. This house may be quite old but it has some secrets hidden. The TVs, for example, are hidden under the pictures. If you don’t stop looking, you may find a hidden treasure.
This 10 hour drive (because of a massive jam) was absolutely worth it!!
The name of the house was LA MADONNINA, for your interest I will link it here.
But enough from me – enjoy the pictures:

We spent an amazing week here, had so much fun and also explored some bigger cities in Tuscany, which I will show you in another post. Also if you are interested I have lots of Outfits I want to show you, so please stay tuned to my blog, for more upcoming amazing stuff.

xxx Nina

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