Updated Skincare Routine

As some of you may know I had so much trouble with my skin. My acne has been so bad that I often started crying and felt very uncomfortable in my body. I tried to hide every spot and on some days I didn't even left the house at all. I think I am definitely [...]

Testing Shay Mitchell’s Make-Up Look

I saw this look on her Instagram and also on her Snapchat some time ago and wanted to recreate  it myself. She rocks this gorgeous looking blue eyeshadow look and it makes her face even more stunning than it had been before.  I went to my Make-Up drawer and was like, hey how difficult can [...]

Make Button-Up Shirts Look Extra

I read an article in my favorite magazine - MISS - about how to wear your shirts and blouses in a different more interesting way. All the stars are doing it and rocking this new style.  I have a button-up shirt at home that looks worn quiet unfitted. I only wear it underneath sweaters but [...]

Welcome Spring – My Go-To Look

Finally the days are getting warmer and warmer and the sun is out more often. When it comes to spring for me the only problem is wearing the right amount of clothes so that I am not feeling too cold or too warm. Does anyone else but me have these kind of problems? I can't [...]

VCM – Vienna City Marathon

Some of you maybe know that I absolutely love running, jogging and nearly everything that is connected with fitness - so I am very happy to be telling you that I did it. I participated in my first Vienna City Marathon. Okay it only has been a part of it as I was part of [...]

I Needed A Change

Many people try to change their look when spring is coming around - so am I. I wanted to cut off my hair for the past two months but never really had the guts to really do it. I was so sick of my hair and the color and also that it had been dry [...]

Beloved Peplum Shirt

I can't tell you how ready I am for spring/summer 2017. My body just doesn't like the cold and that's why I'm more than happy that the sun is showing her face more often these days. Also the fact that the days are getting warmer and longer is such a beautiful thing that I am [...]