Mein Leben mit Fernbeziehung

Ich habe immer wieder Fragen bekommen, wie ich es aushalte, die Person, die ich über alles Liebe, für so lange Zeit nicht zu sehen. Da hab ich mir gedacht, ich schreibe mal alles, was mir dazu einfällt in einem Blogpost nieder. Mein Leben mit Fernbeziehung weiterlesen

Carinthia Adventures and Looks

My mother is just the best and decided to surprise my brother and myself with a little roadtrip to Pörtschach-Kärnten. She told me that after the whole stress with university and trying to have a social life as well, that I need some time to relax and booked us in this lovely hotel, which has been called Seehotel.


Of course as I am a woman I had no clue what to pack and decided that seven outfits for three days should be okay. As you may already know my luggage has been pretty heavy but luckily my mother is the same and had also way too many things just to be sure that we will be able to change three times a day. thaha
You guessed right we haven’t been wearing nearly half of it and my brother was just laughing at us.
ANYWAY on the first day after our arrival we decided to start relaxing right away and changed into our bathing clothes and made our way to the bridge to relax there and maybe go for a nice lovely swim. The weather wasn’t that good as it had been quiet cloudy but the tempreture was nice and hot so that we decided to stay there anyway.
What I really love to completely shut down my brain is reading a nice book and as I am a member of our national library I borrowed a nice romantic novel, which I am definitely enjoying so far.
In the evening we wanted to have a nice lovely family dinner and found this cute little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It has been called Landhaus Pappitsch, which spread a nice and cozy country vibe. Who doesn’t like the mixture of country style and tumblr?
Now on to the best part the food – so delicious I ate a nice Steak and so did my mother, only my brother decided to stay classy and ate a Schnitzel. I cannot recommend this restaurant more it has been so tasty and also all the waitresses have been very obliging  and welcoming that you felt like home from the first second on. Unfortunately the only picture I have here is the salad my mother has been eating but I don’t want to hold this beauty back from you so look and enjoy this mouth-watering dish.


Now my lovely look for the night. A nice flowy jumpsuit, which I found on the sale rack in Weekday. I really adore the color and also the way it compliments my body – just the perfect summer piece. Although many people complimented me on the dress it is a jumpsuit. I was a little bit sceptical when it comes to the color but I really like the way it looks and how my hair works perfectly with it. The only thing that I would recommend when wearing such a bright color – don’t wear too much acessories as it might turn the look into something cheap.


On the second day after a nice and huge brakfast we went to the bridge and did not move for the whole day. The only movement I made has been turning myself like a burger patty to get the optimal tan. In the evening my mother and me had been alone and decided to have nice late lunch / early dinner. We found this awesome restaurant, which is also a hotel near the Pyramidenkogel in Klagenfurt. This restaurant has the most amazing view ever, you are on top of a mountain and can enjoy total quiet and the countryside. Always when running into cows I feel like my 5 year old self being back on the farm again, like we used to do when going on holiday.
Unfortunately there have been so many wasps that I totally freaked out and we had to change our table to one inside. I really need to get my fear in control otherwise this will be a huge problem in summer.


My look on that day had been pretty girly and cute. I found this dress on the sale rack in Zara and so I couldn’t resist buying it straight away. My mother told me to wear shorts underneath as it is pretty short but when you’re at the beach or somewhere really really hot it doesn’t matter if you wear them underneath. I paired it with my nice golden slip on shoes I purchased at TK Maxx and my golden Michael Kors Bag, which I also found on the sale rack. I am such a bargain hunter.
Later that day we strolled through Velden and looked into some stores. My mom and me we are definitely like the Gilmore Girls talking non stop and annoying other people by doing so. thaha


As I like traveling pretty comfortable that was the look I chose for our journey home. I really like the classy and chic style to it. Even though it hadn’t been expansive at all I really feel like it looks glamorous. If you’re interested in where I bought everything I will have it written down down below. 

Unfortunately every journey needs to come to an end and as I had to start my enternship on Monday we needed to go home. All in all it was an amazing short trip to fully relax and enjoy the time with my family finally talking again about all and nothing. Unfortunately as I am living in Vienna I’m not seeing them very often so such a weekend one in a while is a very nice relief from a busy university life.

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Jumpsuit – Weekday
Slippers – T K Maxx
white dress – Zara
Bag – Michael Kors
Blouse – Zara
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Glasses – RayBan

Review: Hi-Smile Teeth Whitening

I was so lucky to be testing out the whitening kit by Hi-Smile. As it was coming all the way from Australia it took about 14 days to reach my mailbox – but I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. I really have to say that for me the look is the most important thing and for this product the packaging is amazing, the theme is white and light pink, what more do I have to say? I am just a little girly girl when it comes to light pink.

In the box there are three shots with the gel in it, and the thing you have to put into the mouth with the LED light. Also it is pretty detailed described how to use it right, so really no-one could make anything wrong. Also it comes with a little scale to find out what color your teeth are having before and after the process. It is recommended to use this six days in a row to see the result. 


At first I was scared to try because I thought whitening at home isn’t the best for your teeth and the dental enamel but as I wanted to have whiter teeth so badly I overcame my fear and tried it out. So on the first day I was quiet excited and was afraid to do something wrong. First of all you need to brush your teeth. You have to put 1/4 of the gel onto the mouth tray and then put it in your mouth and turn on the light. Wait for ten minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. The light turns off automatically so there is no fear in overseeing the time. 


I have to say the taste of the gel isn’t the best, but I think no whitening gel tastes amazing. BUT all in all I am so amazed by this product. It isn’t hard to use and it totally fulfills its purpose. My teeth turned a lot whiter and I have the feeling that they are glowing now when I smile. I also recommended it to so many friends after they asked me if i made something with my teeth as they were looking so amazing. I don’t know now how long they will stay this white as drinking coffee and tea is an enemy for white teeth but I will definitely keep you updated. 

But by now I really have to say my teeth don’t feel hurt at all, the dental enamel is still perfect and my teeth feel smooth. I feel so much more comfortable now. If you want to try it aswell I will put a link here:

xxx Nina


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Storytime: Moving Disaster

I wanna tell you the story about my first week here in Vienna and how my moving process had been working. I just don’t know where to begin, this moving process was the worst thing I’ve ever done. 

First of all I planned it pretty precisely and that is nothing you should do, just be spontaneous, otherwise everything, and I mean EVERYTHING will go wrong. But starting at the beginning. My plans were to move on the 13th of September, right after my trip to Tuscany. A friend of mine told me that she has a truck I can borrow and my renter told me that he will bring the key to my apartment. The university told me that all my papers have been accepted and that it will be finished by September 18th. Well so far so good. BUT than everything fell apart. 

First of all my friend told me that the truck wasn’t available at this point so I would have to shift the whole moving two weeks, which wasn’t possible because my dad took a day off to help me. I wasn’t angry at my friend but at the situation so I had to rent one, which is pretty expansive. Second the renter told me it’s not possible to give me the keys I will have to pick them up by myself so my boyfriend and I drove into the inner city, which is far away from my apartment and we were stuck in traffic for hours. Also loading my whole apartment into this truck wasn’t easy either because we had to park three streets away and had to carry everything. After finally getting my keys I lost my boyfriend because he couldn’t park anywhere so he was driving around and as we didn’t know Vienna at this time, we weren’t able to come back together. 1 hour later – finally in my apartment – it turned out that the train in the kitchen was clogged, the lights weren’t working, the seams in the shower weren’t clean and something else, which I can’t remember anymore. Well find a plumber on a sunday at night. I was crying so badly I thought my whole idea of leaving my hometown, changing my life completely was the worst decision ever made. The cherry on top was that the university was lying, my papers never reached them so that everything was for nothing. That was the worst week in my entire life, I swear. But after that everything turned around completely, the renter repaired everything, the university found my papers and I had the best first week ever. I met so many nice new people and so many friends came to visit me. I am so glad that I made this decision, I will never regret it. Now I am more happy than I have ever been. 

I hope you guys like my stories, so I will tell you more. 

xxx Nina 


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