Halt dich warm in der Übergangszeit

Auch wenn wir uns offiziell noch im Sommer befinden, ist es Morgens und Abends schon ziemlich kalt draußen und man kommt kaum noch ohne Jacke aus. Ja, die Zwiebellook Zeit hat wieder begonnen. Auf der einen Seite liebe ich es ja mich kuschelig einzupacken und liebe auch die Looks die man kreieren kann, aber auf der anderen Seite ist es sehr umständlich, über den Mittag die Jacken in der Hand herumzuschleppen. Aber geht man ohne wird man krank. Ein Teufelskreis.  Halt dich warm in der Übergangszeit weiterlesen

Zeit abzuschalten – Almwellnesshotel Pierer

Was gibt es denn schöneres, als ein Wochenende purer Entspannung? 
Genau – gar nichts! Das haben auch meine Mama und ich uns gedacht, unsere sieben Sachen gepackt und haben ein tolles Mädelswochenende im Almwellnesshotel Pierer verbracht. 
Zeit abzuschalten – Almwellnesshotel Pierer weiterlesen

Kroatien – Meine Impressionen und schönsten Momente

Für mich geht es seit Jahren jeden Sommer für mindestens eine Woche nach Kroatien. Früher bin ich immer mit meinem Papa, meiner Stiefmutter und meinen zwei Brüdern oder nur mit meiner Mama und meinem Bruder gefahren. Wir waren jedes Jahr auf einer anderen Insel und es war wirklich immer unglaublich schön. Aber seit wir alle aus dem Alter draußen sind mit den Eltern Urlaub zu machen, allerdings nur ihrer Meinung nach, fahre ich jedes Jahr mit meinem Freund auf die Insel Pag.  Kroatien – Meine Impressionen und schönsten Momente weiterlesen

So wird mein Sommer 2018

Nur mehr zwei Wochen. Zwei Wochen müssen wir Studenten noch durchhalten bis dann am 30. Juni das Ende des Sommersemesters offiziell eingeläutet wird. Ich bin bestimmt nicht die einzige, die es kaum mehr erwarten kann ihre Sommerpläne in die Tat umzusetzen.  So wird mein Sommer 2018 weiterlesen

Foodguide – London

Ich habe die letzten sieben Tage in London verbracht. Ursprünglich waren nur vier einhalb Tage geplant, aber was genau passiert ist, warum ich länger geblieben bin kommt in einem anderen Post genauer. 

Die liebe Laura und ich haben die Zeit auf alle Fälle in vollen Zügen genossen und haben wirklich richtig tolle Lokale getestet, die ich euch jetzt vorstellen möchte: 
Ich möchte anmerken, dass die liebe Laura 90 Prozent dieser Plätzchen gefunden hat.  Foodguide – London weiterlesen

Meine Pack-Tipps für Reisen mit Handgepäck

Wie der ein oder andere eventuell schon auf meinem Instagram mitbekommen hat, startet heute meine Reise nach London. 5 tolle Tage mit der lieben Laura voller Abenteuer und gutem Essen.

Ich zeige euch wie ich mich am besten für die Reise vorbereitet habe, wie ich meinen Koffer packe, da ich nur Handgepäck mitnehmen darf und was so kleine Tipps sind, die ich auf jeder Reise anwende. Meine Pack-Tipps für Reisen mit Handgepäck weiterlesen

My Family-Trip to Italy

Every year my mother, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, my grandpa and I go on a trip together. Last year we’ve been to Arezzo, Italy and this year we decided to go further to the sea and went to Pietrasanta, Italy. Both is in beautiful Tuscany. 
As every year, okay this tradition only exists for two years  now, we rented a house over AirBnB. Okay house is definitely understated, it was a huge villa with a nice garden and a very nice swimming pool. We even had a football field, where my boyfriend and I played football almost everyday. Okay he played and I tried to hit the ball but I am a total anti talent when it comes to play any kind of ball sport. 
The rooms where huge and each room has its own bathroom. The only thing that was a little bit annoying was the tiny kitchen where everyone was in the way and two people have already been too much. 
I’ll link the house here for you so you can have a more detailed description. 


As we went there quiet late in summer the weather was a little bit cooler but you could definitely still wear shorts. In the mornings and evenings you had to bring a jacket with you but the rest of the day had been pretty hot. As I love swimming in more warm water, I’m such a toe dipper, I didn’t enjoy swimming in our freezing cold pool. My grandpa swam everyday 20 lengths and I had to force myself going in just for a second – embarrassing. 

The first two days we just stayed at home did nothing just enjoying life, cooking and playing some games. We just wanted to relax to the fullest and get a nice little tan before autumn hits us. 

The third day we decided to go to Pisa, as none of us had seen the Leaning Tower before. I have to admit that the most beautiful part of this city is the place where the tower is located the rest is not very impressive and definitely not worth exploring. I have to say I was a little disappointed that this city isn’t as nice as expected but I got to finally see the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and this just made my day. 


Wednesday, as my grandpa is a great golfer, at least he loves playing golf, the whole family went on a nice golf course in Pietrasanta. As I am not a huge fan of golfing I decided to just walk around with them watching and helping search the lost balls. The only thing I really enjoy doing is hitting the ball on the driving range so we did this first as a little warm up. I swear to god you’ll never see anyone playing golf this bad as my family. Okay my mom is awesome but her boyfriend and my grandpa were more than awful. As my grandpa likes to say now: „It has been a fiasco. Thank god no one saw this.“ My boyfriend was just the driver of the golf cart. I stopped attending this game at whole 12 and my mother and her man gave up at 16. The only one playing to the bitter end has been my 95 year old grandpa. „Giving up is never an option“ 


On Thursday my mother and I decided to make a girls trip and went to Firenze. I have already been there last year but as its been my mothers birthday we decided to do some shopping and exploring there. We just strolled around the city and had a look in basically every store and found a very cute little shoe store right at the river Arno. I just can’t remember the name but all the shoes are self made and more than beautiful. We had a nice chat with the owner, who also gave us a lot of insider tips what to do and where to go on a shopping trip. When you wanna go shopping there and don’t want to look in all the mainstream stores have a look at the stores that are located in „Via della Vigna Nuova“.


On our last day, Friday it has been officially my mothers birthday. Her wish was to go to Cinque Terre, having a look at all five cities by boat. Cinque Terre is absolutely beautiful and if you happen to be in Tuscany one day, I can totally recommend visiting it. We paid 100€ for a private boat with driver for all five of us, which is pretty inexpensive. The only thing you need to do is trade, trade as much as possible, otherwise they will scam you.
As all the restaurants open at 7 p.m. we had a walk through one of the cities, then went back to Riomaggiore by train and had a lovely dinner there at „La Grotta“. If you love fish this is the place to go.  The food has been more than amazing and also the atmosphere was breathtaking. 
A perfect end to a perfect holiday. 


If you wanna see what I did last year just click down below: 

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What I did in France

It’s been quiet some time since I last uploaded here on my blog. I have been so busy traveling that I just didn’t managed to write something. I know not the best excuse but I’m back and I am so happy to tell you everything about my trip to France. 

One of my best friends and I stayed 5 days in Cannes – in a small but very lovely Hotel which was called Hotel Simone. The Rooms are quiet small but it is very cozy and lovely decorated so I felt very homy there. Another thing that I loved about our hotel was that if you don’t want to have your breakfast downstairs with the other guests you can have it delivered to your room. As my friend and I are both not the best at getting up in the morning we took this option every day of our trip. You get a card to tick everything you would like to have for breakfast and most of the time they delivered the right food.

Enough about the hotel on the first day – it was a Sunday we just strolled around Cannes as everything has been closed and walked along „la Croisette“ watching the yachts pass by. The weather has been pretty nice – sunny but not too warm so you had to bring a jacket with you. 


The next day we wanted to explore Monaco, so we booked a train ticket, which wasn’t very expensive. For both directions we paid 14 €. If you want something cheaper you can also take the bus which only costs 2,50 €. The journey there took about an hour but it was absolutely worth it. I have never seen so much wealth in one city before. I had been to Monaco before with my school but we were waling and running around so much that I couldn’t remember anything so it was nice seeing it again. I can recommend just strolling around the city watching the bay and the sea. We also saw so many expansive cars in front of the Casino, it was breathtaking. I only have to say that Porsche was the cheapest car we saw there. Another thing I can recommend doing is going into Sea World. I didn’t do it this time but the last time I’ve been there and if you love watching fish it is the perfect thing to do there. Of course around midday we got pretty hungry and so decided to have something to eat. As the restaurants have been way too expansive for our taste we decided to go to the supermarket buy a baguette, some cheese and sit down somewhere eating our delicious meal. It has been the best decision as we could watch people passing and also the lovely ocean. 


On the following day we also took the train not to Monaco but to Nice. Such a lovely little city. Everyone I have been asking what I should do there said to walk around as the city is pretty small. The „vieux ville“ is amazing so many cute buildings and everything is so clean. As it has been the only thing we’ve been doing walking around I will just show you the pictures. 

For launch we again bought a nice baguette, some cheese and sat down at the beach. That has been basically the thing we’ve done everyday the whole week for launch. 
As I love to have a coffee after launch I bought one at McCafé. Ive never seen a more beautiful McDonald’s. If you happen to be in Nice, go there it is definitely worth it even though it is just a basic McDonald’s. thaha


When it comes to shopping there is one thing I can absolutely recommend doing – going to the shopping center called: Polygone Riviera – it is located in Cagnes sur Mer. First thing it is absolutely stunning and more than just a shopping center. It is the most beautiful center I’ve ever seen. There are so many amazing shops as well as restaurants. We spent the whole day there and had some nice Indian launch. Too hot for my taste but it still has been delicious. The only thing that was a little bit nerve racking was that they didn’t understand a single word. 


Our last day we spent in Cannes doing more shopping. Yes we shopped 4 days straight but thats what girls like to do when in France. Most of my money I definitely spent at Sephora – but we don’t have one in Austria so I had to right? 
If you are curious I can show you everything I’ve bought in another post. 
We decided to explore the whole city so we went up the hill to a cute little tower. Cannes also isn’t very big so you can do the whole city in one day. For shopping I can recommend „Rue d’Antibes“ which includes all the affordable stores. If you want to buy something more luxurious you should go shopping along „la Croisette“.



My Croatia Holiday

4 a.m. – it was a torture standing up that early but as we knew that we will be going to croatia it was okay. We directly drove there from Tirol so we had a 8 hour journey ahead of us. I honestly hate driving in the dark especially in the mountains as you can’t see anything not even the street. However we arrived safely on the island Pag at 1 p.m. 
We had some traffic jam at the border to croatia but we got there and I swear I can’t remember when I had been that tired the last time. 

My step uncle – can I call him like that? I don’t know, he is the uncle of my step brother so my step uncle. Am I right? – never mind he bought a house near Lun on this Island and we were so lucky to be able to stay there a whole week. 
The first day we didn’t do much as we were both so tired and it has been sunday so we decided to go to the beach that has been 50m away from our front door and swam a little bit and slept. 
I have never seen such a clear water. It is very very salty but you were able to see anything – any fish, any sea urchin and what else has been swimming around. Perfect to go snorkeling. 


My boyfriend and I love to have some piece and quiet when relaxing somewhere. As this wasn’t the case at the beach in Jakisnika, we decided to drive around and look for a little bay. If you want to go there one day go there by car you will find the most beautiful bays ever seen and there will be nobody disturbing your piece. 
We found a nice bay at Dudici. Just a few minutes away from our home. You have to walk through a little wood but this 5 minute walk is absolutely worth it. We found a little bay where nobody was except us and the ocean. So we spent there three full days in a row. I 
Some tips when staying for a whole day at a little bay with no toilet, no shadow, just the stoney beach.
-Pack some snacks because when you get hungry there is nothing around to stop by.
– take an umbrella with you, you will need the shadow especially when the sun is super strong after lunch time. 
– have something to wear on your head with you, just in case your umbrella flies away from the wind. – don’t laugh it happened to us. thaha 


The last day we decided to explore the island a little bit more and go to a different beach so we drove to Metajna. Also very very nice and the beach is much more comfortable as the stones are just very tiny – very peaceful and quiet there. We walked a little bit away from the main beach to find this little bay but when staying at the main beach there is a little restaurant where you can have some launch. It looked very nice and the food also looked delicious but as we packed something we decided to eat this instead. 


This concludes the whole week to be honest, we didn’t do much as we just wanted to fully relax after such a exhausting hiking week in Kitzbühel. 

Anyways I have some little tips for you: 

If you want to go clubbing or just a whole party week, go to Zrce. This is the Ibiza of Croatia. There are lots of discotheques along the beach and also many beach clubs as well. 

On the island is only one Hotel so it is definitely better to book an Airbnb or a Bed and Breakfast. I have seen many villas along the streets with swimming pools. So it looked pretty nice. 

If you are looking for something more sporty, you can bring your bike with you as the streets are amazing for some bike tours. My father has also been there before me and drove everywhere by bike except for buying groceries but everything else he did by bike. 

When driving there by bus you will need to have money at hand for the tolls. There are quiet a few. We needed in total including the ferry about 60 €. – also don’t forget to bring your passport, they will have a quick look at them. 

PS: what my boyfriend and I loved doing every day has been watching the sunset. Here are some expressions of it as I can’t describe this beauty in words. 


I hope I was able to provide a good insight into my road trip and you now know what you will be doing next summer. 

Kitzbühel – Tirol

I really needed to get away from my hometown to fully relax and refill my energy tanks again. My boyfriend needed it even more and so this two week holiday came perfectly. I mean we knew that we will be leaving this exact week but it was definitely the right thing at that moment. The first week we stayed in Kitzbühel, Tirol. My family has a really nice flat there and I spent almost half of my childhood there – every summer and almost every winter up to now. 

I can definitely recommend everyone who wants to visit Austria some day to come here as it is the perfect place for hiking and also relaxing. Shopping more or less as the stores are massively expansive – so it depends on how much money you wanna spend. 

Day One: 
After buying all the groceries and having a nice and huge breakfast we went for a hike to the Bichlnalm. We drove by car to the lift station but don’t worry we hiked up there but to be honest we shortly thought about taking the lift as it is much more comfortable and easy. 
The hike takes about two hours to get to the Hotel up there but it is so worth it. The nature and the view is more than stunning and even though we sweated like crazy – it had 32 degrees – we felt so free and happy after finally reaching the top. What I can recommend doing is drinking something in the restaurant up there. The view is amazing I have never seen such beautiful nature and colors. Another thing you can do is walking through the freezing spring water. That will refresh your whole body and get you ready for the way down. 
The rest of the day we spent swimming in the pool and tanning a little bit. In the evening we fully relaxed by having a sauna. So we combined wellness with a little bit of exercise – Balance is the key of life. thaha


Day Two: 
As it has been poring rain that day we knew that hiking may not be the best idea so we jumped into the car and drove to Innsbruck. It is a good hour to drive there but the city is beautiful. Unfortunately we spend some time in traffic and so we arrived there hangry. We ate at a place called Leopold. Perfect for everyone they have self made burgers and also nice bowls. Theres something for everyone on the menu. I was eating the Iron Bowl –  a healthy bowl loaded with avocado, onion, lentils, and many other delicious things and my boyfriend went for the burger with fries which also looked amazing. We then just strolled around the city took some pictures and ate some ice cream – so nothing special. But what is special about this city is that it is mostly surrounded by mountains which looks incredible. If you are in Tirol go there and walk around the city. Another thing to recommend is visiting the Svarowski World. We didn’t go there as we have been last year but it is every girls dream come true. So much bling bling. 


Day Three: 
What is the first thing you need to do after the raining period? Exactly haunting for mushrooms. I don’t like eating them but I love going into the woods spending there hours looking for these little yellow things to collect them. A nice place is at the bottom of the Paß Thurn. Theres a little hiking path that leads you directly into the woods. We climbed up and down for hours looking for mushrooms and found enough for one meal. Luckily I don’t like them otherwise my boyfriend wouldn’t have had enough to feel satisfied. What I love about this is that you don’t realize how much time and effort you spend in the woods as you are so focused on finding them. 
After having our lunch we again stayed at home just relaxing, swimming and enjoying life basically. 


Day Four: 
Unfortunately our last full day in Tirol we went for another hike. I wanted to show my boyfriend a path that my family and me did every summer as you come to the most beautiful water fall I have ever seen. The way isn’t very exhausting but you again see the beauty of nature all around you the whole time. It is called the Schleierfallweg. First you walk up an hill and walk by a little chapel where I like to burn a candle and think about my loved ones. The hike is about one to two hours it depends on how many breaks you take. I will just show you the pictures as words can’t describe how beautiful it is there. 
In the evening we went into the city and just strolled around and had something to drink. Thats basically it, our trip to Kitzbühel. We just fully enjoyed our lives by having saunas, going swimming and hiking. 


Of course I have some recommendations for you when it comes to having dinner or launch: 

Centro – a lovely little Pizzeria directly in the center. It has everything italian and is more than delicious. I can recommend eating a Pizza they are amazing my favorite one is the one with ham and parmesan on top. I think it is called San Daniele but I am not sure. 

Of course all the restaurants you can reach by hiking. They have delicious austrian food that never disappointed me. For example the Seidlalm, Bichlnalm and Hahnenkamm Stüberl. Never had a better Kaiserschmarrn or Schnitzel in my life than after an exhausting hike.