My Tattoos and the Story behind

Some may or may not already have seen my new tattoo over on Instagram. I know that it is definitely not everyones cup of tea and everyone has different preferences when it comes to tattoo styles and so please be kind with your opinion.

I got so many questions, like  where I got it?, In how much pain have I been? and How much did it cost?, etc. that I thought I would tell you everything I can. 

Maybe you know that I already have one. Just a small one on my left rip cage underneath my breast. This one has been made in a small tattoo studio in „Gleisdorf“, called Mystery Touch. The meaning behind it is very special to me as it is the date of birth of my beloved grandmother who had died 10 years ago. She has been one of the most inspiring and such a special woman to me – this tattoo really means a lot to me. If you want to know everything about it check out my blogpost from the past. I’ll link it here for you: First Tattoo 

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To continue with my newest experience:
After I got my first one it took maybe about a month until I already wanted the next one. As I know that this decision is something that lasts forever I wanted to have something which means as much to me as the first one. I always wanted something that represents my parents and has something to do with flowers, so this amazing motive happened.  
The two poppies represent my mother and my father as they always have my back and try to do anything so that I can achieve my dreams. It doesn’t matter what time it is I can always call them and they will always help me no matter what. I really love them and I am so happy to call these two amazing people my parents.
I choose poppies as these are the lucky flowers of my zodiac sign, capricorn, and because I really love the look of them. I know flowers + tattoo = mainstream but what counts for me is that it has a special meaning to me. I also chose this part of my body as my parents always back me up. – see get it clever right? 

When I told my mom that I wanted a second tattoo for christmas, she wasn’t shocked at all as she kinda knew that this day would come. She was the one running around trying to find an amazing studio as for her quality is key. At first I wanted to go to „Three Nails“ in Graz but their work didn’t overwhelmed me – their designs weren’t the prettiest ones. Also my mother was like:  have you seen his tattoo? (it should have been a cat) It looked like a big black splatter on his hand. – definitely best decision ever not going there. 
When we walked past „Mario Barth Tattoostudio“, I said to my mom to go inside and just have a look. 
I have to admit, I never had a better consulting than there. They took notes on what I wanted and how I wanted it and what is most important to me. They also took pictures for inspiration. Another thing that really surprised me was the fact that my appointment came so fast. I had to wait only two weeks. To compare with the last one I had to wait 6 months and they also wanted me to draw my design. – not very proficient.


Anyways yesterday (22-11-2017) it finally happened and I couldn’t be more happy. My tattoo artists name was Rene and he was awesome. He drew the poppies and worked very precise and focused. Another very important aspect is hygiene and you’ll never find such a clean studio I swear their work there is amazing I can highly recommend going there for your next tattoo. We were both more than happy by choosing this studio. My mother is always very very skeptical when it comes to such places, so when she loved it it is definitely the best place to go.  
Continuing with the pain. It is bearable on some places it hurt just a little bit more and on others I didn’t even noticed that he was doing something so it isn’t that bad. Really if you are not doing it because you fear the pain it would be just a silly excuse – it is really not that horrible. Working out hurts much more I promise. Maybe I am just more pain resistant than others but I swear it is like someone is scratching you. 


Surprisingly I only paid 100 € in total including the creme you need for the healing process. I have to rub the creme into my skin three times a day for two to three weeks, which is just the normal process. After two days you can feel a slight crust coming but you’re not allowed to scratch it as it might erase the color! 

Just a little side note: If you love the football team from Graz and have a season ticket you’ll get 20% off – amazing right. I will definitely link this studio here – check them out even on Instagram, there you can see more of their amazing work. 


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