How I Escape Winter Depression

As the season is now changing into the colder and darker days of the year I thought I would tell you my tricks how I keep myself motivated and mostly happy. I am definitely everything but a winter person. – I hate the cold weather, the darkness and basically everything autumn/winter represents – of course excluding christmas and my birthday. There was a time I wasn’t able to even leave the house except for school during winter time, I was unmotivated and I also wanted to be alone the whole time. One day back then  I decided that I had to change something as this life wasn’t worth living anymore. The whole day cuddled up in bed may sound awesome but not if you’re doing it three weeks straight.
I started looking up some tips and tricks to get my life back together and to prevent myself from doing this again when the season starts transitioning. I tried out all the tips and now I know what is working best for me so I will give you a nice insight into my life.

  1. Spread Positivity: What I really like doing is making other people smile, because seeing them smile makes me smile – easy as that. For instance I like complimenting complete strangers by letting them know that I like their look or their shoes or Make-Up or anything like this. Most of the people then have the feeling that they need to give back a nice compliment but they really don’t, I just want to make their day happy. At first it was a little bit weird doing this but it always makes my day.
  2. Go Outside: I try to go outside everyday, at least for 30 minutes just to breath in the fresh air and to clear my head. I even go out when it is raining, snowing or extremely windy but the feeling of the fresh air makes me much more awake and helps me to clear up my thoughts. I like walking around watching other people and just think about nothing and everything at the same time. Of course some days it is more than hard for me to leave the house but after vanquishing the inner temptation I just feel so proud of myself. Little side note with music it works so much easier.
  3. Eat Healthy: Okay this one may not be everyones cup of tea and of course I am not eating healthy 24/7 but I try to have a good balance in my life. Also I absolutely love eating fruit and vegetables so it is definitely nothing that I have to force myself to. I just feel so much more energetic and awake and able to do stuff when eating healthy. What I realised is that after eating something fatty and hard to digest I feel so tired and down and most of the times also bloated. I know TMI but I am just honest. Another positive aspect of the healthy eating stuff is that my skin cleared up so much. I hardly have blemishes or discolorations anymore which is an absolute motivator for continuing living the healthy lifestyle.
  4. Get your Exercise: I am so sorry also something that not everyone is very keen about. When I started doing sports more regularly I had to overcome my temptation to relax basically everyday. It was hard but I felt so much better after exercising just a little bit. Even half an hour a day brings so much more balance into your life. I am not forcing anybody to do extreme cardio or something just like this but even just going for a power walk or using the steps instead of the elevator helps.
  5. Socialize: There are days when I am not feeling like seeing anybody or doing anything at all where I just want to cuddle myself up and cry the whole day – that’s when I force myself to wright or call a friend or a family member just to ask them about their day or if they want to hang out. I know sounds dumb but there have been so many days in my life where I wanted to be completely alone and after seeing or even hearing my friends I felt like a complete different person. Happy again and proud of myself that I had overcome this bad mood.lauriundich

I am aware that these tips are nothing you don’t already know but I thought if they helped me maybe some of you want to try them aswell. Of course there are so many other things to do against the winter depression but these are the tips that helped me.

One thing that I can say for sure is that I love christmas so I am very excited for this and there are definitely christmas posts coming up so get excited.

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