Crushing Fall/Winter 2017 in Leather

Scrolling through Instagram lately you can’t overcome the current fashion trend – leather. In all shapes and sizes, like dresses, skirts or trousers. 
For me personally I always thought leather won’t suit my body type until my mother told me otherwise. Her exact words were: EVERYONE can rock leather, theres no right or wrong. 
And she was right you just have to find the perfect fit. As I am not that person wearing skirts or dresses that often, I decided to go for the classic pant version. As my legs are more than skinny it was really really hard to find the right shape. I wanted the pants to stick to my body, not moving at all. Unfortunately all pants, that are actual pants were way too wide on the legs and looked awful. It looked like a little kid was digging through her mothers clothes. – no I’m not exaggerating. thaha


Anyways long story short I saw these amazing leggings at Calzedonia the other day and can’t help myself but buying them. Of course these are fake leather ones but they suit me like a glove. Another pro is that they have an extra layer of fabric, so that I can even wear them in the cold winter months. 

I wear them with basically everything, sweaters, dresses, shirts, etc. I always thought that they are hard to combine but it’s absolutely not. Remember this dress? I even paired them with this dress and it looked absolutely stunning. 

What I can say about this look – this is by far my favorite one. Wearing a shirt underneath a sweater pairing some nice jewelry with it and you are good to go. It’s just a simple look but for me it has something classy and elegant to it. This outfit is definitely something for day time as well as for the night time. What do you think about it? You like it? 


I know leather is not everyones cup of tea and for some people it represents sexiness but you can totally dress it down, so that no one will harass you just because you’re wearing leather. I was also way too shy to try it in the beginning but it just makes my outfit look extra. So to conclude this Fall/Winter trend is for everybody. Doesn’t matter if you pick a jacket, a dress, or anything else. There are even pieces on the market that just contain a small piece of leather. 


Go Ahead Rockstar, Wear Leather

Shop My Look:

Pants – Calzedonia
Shirt – Zara
Sweater – Zara
Shoes – Wilma Firenze (small boutique in Firenze)
Bag – Furla

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