My Family-Trip to Italy

Every year my mother, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, my grandpa and I go on a trip together. Last year we’ve been to Arezzo, Italy and this year we decided to go further to the sea and went to Pietrasanta, Italy. Both is in beautiful Tuscany. 
As every year, okay this tradition only exists for two years  now, we rented a house over AirBnB. Okay house is definitely understated, it was a huge villa with a nice garden and a very nice swimming pool. We even had a football field, where my boyfriend and I played football almost everyday. Okay he played and I tried to hit the ball but I am a total anti talent when it comes to play any kind of ball sport. 
The rooms where huge and each room has its own bathroom. The only thing that was a little bit annoying was the tiny kitchen where everyone was in the way and two people have already been too much. 
I’ll link the house here for you so you can have a more detailed description. 


As we went there quiet late in summer the weather was a little bit cooler but you could definitely still wear shorts. In the mornings and evenings you had to bring a jacket with you but the rest of the day had been pretty hot. As I love swimming in more warm water, I’m such a toe dipper, I didn’t enjoy swimming in our freezing cold pool. My grandpa swam everyday 20 lengths and I had to force myself going in just for a second – embarrassing. 

The first two days we just stayed at home did nothing just enjoying life, cooking and playing some games. We just wanted to relax to the fullest and get a nice little tan before autumn hits us. 

The third day we decided to go to Pisa, as none of us had seen the Leaning Tower before. I have to admit that the most beautiful part of this city is the place where the tower is located the rest is not very impressive and definitely not worth exploring. I have to say I was a little disappointed that this city isn’t as nice as expected but I got to finally see the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and this just made my day. 


Wednesday, as my grandpa is a great golfer, at least he loves playing golf, the whole family went on a nice golf course in Pietrasanta. As I am not a huge fan of golfing I decided to just walk around with them watching and helping search the lost balls. The only thing I really enjoy doing is hitting the ball on the driving range so we did this first as a little warm up. I swear to god you’ll never see anyone playing golf this bad as my family. Okay my mom is awesome but her boyfriend and my grandpa were more than awful. As my grandpa likes to say now: „It has been a fiasco. Thank god no one saw this.“ My boyfriend was just the driver of the golf cart. I stopped attending this game at whole 12 and my mother and her man gave up at 16. The only one playing to the bitter end has been my 95 year old grandpa. „Giving up is never an option“ 


On Thursday my mother and I decided to make a girls trip and went to Firenze. I have already been there last year but as its been my mothers birthday we decided to do some shopping and exploring there. We just strolled around the city and had a look in basically every store and found a very cute little shoe store right at the river Arno. I just can’t remember the name but all the shoes are self made and more than beautiful. We had a nice chat with the owner, who also gave us a lot of insider tips what to do and where to go on a shopping trip. When you wanna go shopping there and don’t want to look in all the mainstream stores have a look at the stores that are located in „Via della Vigna Nuova“.


On our last day, Friday it has been officially my mothers birthday. Her wish was to go to Cinque Terre, having a look at all five cities by boat. Cinque Terre is absolutely beautiful and if you happen to be in Tuscany one day, I can totally recommend visiting it. We paid 100€ for a private boat with driver for all five of us, which is pretty inexpensive. The only thing you need to do is trade, trade as much as possible, otherwise they will scam you.
As all the restaurants open at 7 p.m. we had a walk through one of the cities, then went back to Riomaggiore by train and had a lovely dinner there at „La Grotta“. If you love fish this is the place to go.  The food has been more than amazing and also the atmosphere was breathtaking. 
A perfect end to a perfect holiday. 


If you wanna see what I did last year just click down below: 

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