What I did in France

It’s been quiet some time since I last uploaded here on my blog. I have been so busy traveling that I just didn’t managed to write something. I know not the best excuse but I’m back and I am so happy to tell you everything about my trip to France. 

One of my best friends and I stayed 5 days in Cannes – in a small but very lovely Hotel which was called Hotel Simone. The Rooms are quiet small but it is very cozy and lovely decorated so I felt very homy there. Another thing that I loved about our hotel was that if you don’t want to have your breakfast downstairs with the other guests you can have it delivered to your room. As my friend and I are both not the best at getting up in the morning we took this option every day of our trip. You get a card to tick everything you would like to have for breakfast and most of the time they delivered the right food.

Enough about the hotel on the first day – it was a Sunday we just strolled around Cannes as everything has been closed and walked along „la Croisette“ watching the yachts pass by. The weather has been pretty nice – sunny but not too warm so you had to bring a jacket with you. 


The next day we wanted to explore Monaco, so we booked a train ticket, which wasn’t very expensive. For both directions we paid 14 €. If you want something cheaper you can also take the bus which only costs 2,50 €. The journey there took about an hour but it was absolutely worth it. I have never seen so much wealth in one city before. I had been to Monaco before with my school but we were waling and running around so much that I couldn’t remember anything so it was nice seeing it again. I can recommend just strolling around the city watching the bay and the sea. We also saw so many expansive cars in front of the Casino, it was breathtaking. I only have to say that Porsche was the cheapest car we saw there. Another thing I can recommend doing is going into Sea World. I didn’t do it this time but the last time I’ve been there and if you love watching fish it is the perfect thing to do there. Of course around midday we got pretty hungry and so decided to have something to eat. As the restaurants have been way too expansive for our taste we decided to go to the supermarket buy a baguette, some cheese and sit down somewhere eating our delicious meal. It has been the best decision as we could watch people passing and also the lovely ocean. 


On the following day we also took the train not to Monaco but to Nice. Such a lovely little city. Everyone I have been asking what I should do there said to walk around as the city is pretty small. The „vieux ville“ is amazing so many cute buildings and everything is so clean. As it has been the only thing we’ve been doing walking around I will just show you the pictures. 

For launch we again bought a nice baguette, some cheese and sat down at the beach. That has been basically the thing we’ve done everyday the whole week for launch. 
As I love to have a coffee after launch I bought one at McCafé. Ive never seen a more beautiful McDonald’s. If you happen to be in Nice, go there it is definitely worth it even though it is just a basic McDonald’s. thaha


When it comes to shopping there is one thing I can absolutely recommend doing – going to the shopping center called: Polygone Riviera – it is located in Cagnes sur Mer. First thing it is absolutely stunning and more than just a shopping center. It is the most beautiful center I’ve ever seen. There are so many amazing shops as well as restaurants. We spent the whole day there and had some nice Indian launch. Too hot for my taste but it still has been delicious. The only thing that was a little bit nerve racking was that they didn’t understand a single word. 


Our last day we spent in Cannes doing more shopping. Yes we shopped 4 days straight but thats what girls like to do when in France. Most of my money I definitely spent at Sephora – but we don’t have one in Austria so I had to right? 
If you are curious I can show you everything I’ve bought in another post. 
We decided to explore the whole city so we went up the hill to a cute little tower. Cannes also isn’t very big so you can do the whole city in one day. For shopping I can recommend „Rue d’Antibes“ which includes all the affordable stores. If you want to buy something more luxurious you should go shopping along „la Croisette“.



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