My Croatia Holiday

4 a.m. – it was a torture standing up that early but as we knew that we will be going to croatia it was okay. We directly drove there from Tirol so we had a 8 hour journey ahead of us. I honestly hate driving in the dark especially in the mountains as you can’t see anything not even the street. However we arrived safely on the island Pag at 1 p.m. 
We had some traffic jam at the border to croatia but we got there and I swear I can’t remember when I had been that tired the last time. 

My step uncle – can I call him like that? I don’t know, he is the uncle of my step brother so my step uncle. Am I right? – never mind he bought a house near Lun on this Island and we were so lucky to be able to stay there a whole week. 
The first day we didn’t do much as we were both so tired and it has been sunday so we decided to go to the beach that has been 50m away from our front door and swam a little bit and slept. 
I have never seen such a clear water. It is very very salty but you were able to see anything – any fish, any sea urchin and what else has been swimming around. Perfect to go snorkeling. 


My boyfriend and I love to have some piece and quiet when relaxing somewhere. As this wasn’t the case at the beach in Jakisnika, we decided to drive around and look for a little bay. If you want to go there one day go there by car you will find the most beautiful bays ever seen and there will be nobody disturbing your piece. 
We found a nice bay at Dudici. Just a few minutes away from our home. You have to walk through a little wood but this 5 minute walk is absolutely worth it. We found a little bay where nobody was except us and the ocean. So we spent there three full days in a row. I 
Some tips when staying for a whole day at a little bay with no toilet, no shadow, just the stoney beach.
-Pack some snacks because when you get hungry there is nothing around to stop by.
– take an umbrella with you, you will need the shadow especially when the sun is super strong after lunch time. 
– have something to wear on your head with you, just in case your umbrella flies away from the wind. – don’t laugh it happened to us. thaha 


The last day we decided to explore the island a little bit more and go to a different beach so we drove to Metajna. Also very very nice and the beach is much more comfortable as the stones are just very tiny – very peaceful and quiet there. We walked a little bit away from the main beach to find this little bay but when staying at the main beach there is a little restaurant where you can have some launch. It looked very nice and the food also looked delicious but as we packed something we decided to eat this instead. 


This concludes the whole week to be honest, we didn’t do much as we just wanted to fully relax after such a exhausting hiking week in Kitzbühel. 

Anyways I have some little tips for you: 

If you want to go clubbing or just a whole party week, go to Zrce. This is the Ibiza of Croatia. There are lots of discotheques along the beach and also many beach clubs as well. 

On the island is only one Hotel so it is definitely better to book an Airbnb or a Bed and Breakfast. I have seen many villas along the streets with swimming pools. So it looked pretty nice. 

If you are looking for something more sporty, you can bring your bike with you as the streets are amazing for some bike tours. My father has also been there before me and drove everywhere by bike except for buying groceries but everything else he did by bike. 

When driving there by bus you will need to have money at hand for the tolls. There are quiet a few. We needed in total including the ferry about 60 €. – also don’t forget to bring your passport, they will have a quick look at them. 

PS: what my boyfriend and I loved doing every day has been watching the sunset. Here are some expressions of it as I can’t describe this beauty in words. 


I hope I was able to provide a good insight into my road trip and you now know what you will be doing next summer. 

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