From Hoodie with Love

I am so damn happy about the fact that the Hoodie is finally an It-Piece. – wearable in any situation. Long time you could only wear them at home when wearing you’re „staying all day on the sofa“ clothes. I have to admit that I still don’t feel very chic when wearing it but you can definitely wear them on an everyday bases when you’re not feeling like dressing up. Me personally I would definitely wear this Hoodie to university or also on a shopping spree with my friends.


When finding this hoodie on Asos I was sure that I would love it and that this piece stays in my closet forever. I mean look at this cute little heart in the middle and the color makes me smile immediately – if you’re following me for some time now you would know that it is my favorite color thaha.
Definitely something for the rainy days when you want to cheer up everyone. I am of the opinion that even when the weather is bad and gloomy – wear something colorful to bring back the sun into your life. I know this maybe sounds awkward but I hate bad days and it always brightens up my day when seeing someone wearing something colorful. 


On this day I have been staying at home was walking around the city and have been walking my dog, so basically just chilled. Such a nice relaxed day. When walking my dog I found this swing that someone hang up in the woods and was like okay I definitely need to take pictures here. I mean how amazing – of course it is not one of those tumbler swings that are decorated with lots and lots of flowers but it is a swing. As you can see my dog was also very excited about it as she crashes every single picture of mine. Unfortunately She is already a quiet old dog but she has stolen my heart from the first day on. Any dog lovers here? 


Anyways I was pairing my Hoodie with some comfy pants and nice Nike Air Max that I definitely have worn to death the past few years. When walking around in this outfit so many people were smiling at me or telling me that they love my Hoodie. Such compliments always make me smile. You know why I love hearing such things?  I don’t feel like I have wasted an outfit. – AWKWARD I know. My boyfriend always laughs about my little quirks.


I love such laid back looks and also such days as I can fully relax and recover from the stressful ones. This look would also be a nice travel outfit. Comfy and Cute at the same time and the best part is also the softness. It is just like you’re covered in a nice pink blanket that happens to be something to wear all day. Perfect for the chilly cold and bad days in summer, autumn, and winter. 


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Hoodie – Asos
Shorts – Levi’s

Shoes – Nike Air Max 

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