My Wedding Look

Don’t panic not my wedding – the wedding of my cousin.
I swear to god I’ve never been to a wedding that made every wedding dream come true. It was a wedding out of a fairytale. Starting of with the location – The little chapel in Schönbrunn, Vienna. The ceremony had been so intimate and heartwarming, also the priests speech was amazing that we all cried, when I say all I really mean everyone. When the door opened and my cousin was there standing next to her father, the grooms face lit up and he started crying of happiness and that was the moment I started crying. My cousin looked more than beautiful in her cinderella dress – she was smiling from one ear to the other and you could definitely see that these two will stay together forever. The way they looked at each other was overwhelming.
After the ceremony we had a tour around the park in Schönbrunn with little snacks and some Prosecco to enjoy the ride. Subsequently we headed back to the Palais where the dinner and the rest of the night were taking place. The party had been at the Palais Coburg – a really special event location. There is so much pomposity going on just like in a palais back when there had been kings and queens ruling. The drinks were amazing and all the people were stunning. I swear never seen so many beautiful people in one place. Every woman was wearing a lovely long gown and the men were all suited up.

When the waiter opened the door to our tables my heart stopped for a second. The flowers on the table and also the whole arrangement was beautiful. Everyone had a personalized menu at his seat that made it even more special. I know I am saying special and beautiful a lot in this blogpost but I can’t help myself it was beautiful and special.
The only thing I can say about the food was delicious I enjoyed every single bite of it. And when the wedding cake arrived – I said to my boyfriend that’s the cake I want for my wedding. The combination of white and gold makes every girls heart beat a little faster.


Continuing with the party and the disco in the cellar of the palais. They had a nice photo booth area were I had been taking definitely more pictures than I should – I love photo booths. At the bar you were able to get every drink that you can think of and the dance floor left nothing to be desired. 

All in all it was such an amazing night, maybe even the best night ever had in my entire life. I danced the whole night, drank and took lots of pictures. I got to know so many lovely people and I am more than blessed with my family. I love them all so much and we had so much fun talking and laughing with each other. 

Now onto my look. As I had a sty I wasn’t able to do my eye make-up as it hurt so badly but luckily you weren’t able to see the swelling on my eye on that day so it just looked like I was wearing no Make-Up at all. I straightened my hair and used lots and lots of hairspray to keep it in place all night long.  


I got my dress from but I needed some small changes as I didn’t like the way it looked beforehand. I went to my tailor and cut of the sleeves. It is such a stunning dress that is definitely an eye-catcher by itself so I didn’t wear any accessories with it. The only thing I was pairing it with was my lovely Furla handbag and my Zara shoes, which I got on sale the other day. I wasn’t able to find any shoes that I liked that would go well with the dress so I decided to wear some comfy slides as nobody would see them under the long dress. What I love the most about this dress are the small flower details all over – that’s what makes this outfit so much more special.

This whole night I really felt like a princess that finally had been brought back to her natural habitat – the Palais. thaha


Fun fact: I almost caught the bridal bouquet and I could see my mothers face turning white. Unfortunately another woman caught it of what I am very happy about. The only reason I wanted to catch it was that it was looking gorgeous – I just love roses. 

Shop my Look: 

Dress – Asos
Bag – Furla
Shoes – Zara (not in stock anymore) 

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