Princess Lost In The Woods

I really enjoy taking pictures and looking for the right spots so that everything looks amazing. I am so lucky that I am living on a hill in my hometown, where it looks like on the country side but still is directly in the city. So I asked my boyfriend if we could go and look for a nice place to take some pictures of my outfit.

My boyfriend is the reals husbandofinstagram. He never moans or gets upset when I am asking him to take a pictures, even in the most embarassing moments. I really love him I just wanted to state this.

Well I really wanted to show you my outfit as I really like it. I know I say this about every look I post but you need to know that I wouldn’t upload it otherwise. I have three pieces that I can call my favorites concerning this look.

First of all the shorts. Can we appreciate the perfect flattering fit and also the perfect way of destruction. I always wanted a pair of Levi’s shorts or also jeans but I always thought that they are way too expansive. One day I overcame my greed and decided to buy it. I never regret it. Honestly I love the color, I love the fit and it’s comfort. Additionally I got 10% off, as I am a student, if that’s not something amazing than I don’t know what is.


Continuing with these shoes. They are more than amazing. I got compliments wherever I go. I found them at Zara (where else?) and wore them to death since then. I bought them a half size up and they are so comfortable I can walk in them all day. I never got any blisters or scrapes, so that purchase was definitely a win. Furthermore I really love the oclor and the pattern.


Last but not least the denim jacket. Also a perfect purchase at Zara. I think my whole closet only consists of pieces from there but they are just the best. I love the design on the back and also the cut .It is quiet baggy but at the same time very chic because of the roses on the back. The best part is that it is now available on sale so be sure to quickly go to Zara and buy it.


Of yourse I love my peplum shirt, which is of course, you guessed it correctly, from Zara but I already uploaded a blogpost about it so I thought I would just quickly mention it and that’s it.

Fun Fact: I look like a little princess that got lost in the woods as my outfit definitely not fits into this senery. My boyfriend and I had been laughing so hard about that fact.

Purchase My Look:

Shirt – Zara (similar)
Shoes – Zara
Denim Jacket – Zara (similar) (similar) (similar)
Shorts – Levi’s
Glasses – RayBan

The camera I am using is the Sony α 5000.


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