Short Striped Tennis Dress

Last Saturday has been so amazing our running crew finally opened up so that everyone can join our runs now. So there’s no opening without an opening party and as I see it  that has been the perfect time to wear my short striped tennis dress. It is just looking like a tennis dress I am not actually playing it, I know a lot of people telling me that I am not that talented and I am definitely not having any fun at it. Believe me I tried it multiple times. ANYWAYS I have been invited to this amazing party on the roof of the „Badeschiff“ on the danube in Vienna. 
We had to be there at 6 pm and the sun was still boiling hot so the perfect weather for a nice short dress, some nice sandals with a small heel and a nice golden bag to complete the whole look. 


Some may say that the slit on both sides is a little bit too sexy but I am not having any problems with showing more of my legs. Also it has been so hot that I would rather only wear bikinis anyways. I really love the small blue stripes and the little detailing on this dress as it gives it a little extra. I found it in the sale section in Zara the other day and new from the beginning that this dress belongs into my wardrobe. When you’re quick you might find it as well under all the sale clothing items. Just rummage around in the piles.


We had such an amazing event, I met so many of my friends, we were talking, dancing and singing for hours and of course what would a blogger event be without any nice photo sessions. I can recommend anyone living in Vienna to join our crew we are always having so much fun at our runs when we can talk to each other and do something for the body as well. Every wednesday at 7:30 pm we have our runs starting from the „Badeschiff“. Check it out if you are interested in getting to know new people and have a nice running session in addition. I really hope to see many new faces soon at the run base. 

Shop My Look: 

Dress – Zara
Shoes – Deichmann
Bag – Michael Kors
Glasses – Ray Ban 


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