My June Favorites

I have never done a post like this before and as I really enjoy reading such I thought why not do it either. I know June isn’t over by now but it is the end of it and I have so many things that I really want to show you that it’s not possible for me to wait. As I love everything very organized and structured I separated my favorites into categories:


  • Ray Ban Sunglasses: When you have been following my Instagram as well as my blog for some time now you might have seen these glasses all over. I bought them in December as a gift to myself and I am obsessed with them since then. I have been complimented everytime I have been wearing these beauties and it was definitely the best purchase ever made.


  • Denim Jacket: Okay it is so boiling hot at the moment that you definitely need no jacket but in Austria there are also some days in summer that are quiet chilly and so I wanted to mention this jacket. I have been searching for the perfect one since the beginning of the year and I finally found it in Zara the other day. It is just the perfect combination of girly, denim and also has some kind of vamp to it. You just can’t not love this jacket if this sentence makes any sense. It just suits every look perfectly – I have worn it to jeans, dresses, even to my joggers.


  • Strappy Sandals: I have been seeing these shoes everywhere over Instagram and I am digging this look so much. I bought mine on asos in winter already as I have known I wanted them for summer. I absolutely love the fit and the fact that it makes my outfit look so much more extra. I can also say that they are so comfortable to wear – I never got any blisters which has been a huge surprise to me as I am very sensitive when it comes to my feet getting blisters.


  • Earrings: After cutting my hair I fell in love with hoop earrings and small cute earrings again as you now can see my ears again. I mean how cute are these earrings? I still can’t get over them. I love pairing them with literally any kind of style and I am so feeling myself, which is the most important thing.


  • White Sneakers: I am a shoe addict, especially sneakers – no question, but I am loving the white one at the moment as they are screaming summer to me. They are not looking that heavy or chunky. Again you can wear them with anything, at least I am wearing them with any kind of style possible. It makes you look much more chilled and hipster.



  • Highlighter: I am not wearing any Make Up at the moment as it would just melt off my face and that would just be a huge waste of product. But what I like to do is using highlighter – literally all over my face it just makes me glow and look healthy and I am so in love with how I look after using it. This one, Lightscapade from MAC, is my absolute favorite and was worth the money for sure.
  • Mascara: Another thing I have been doing lately is just using Mascara to open up my eyes, because like I said it would all melt off my face immediately after leaving the house. I really adore the They’re Real Mascara by Benefit, it is just making my lashes look even longer and fuller than any other is doing. For a more natural look I like using Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme in Ultra Black. This one gives my lashes a much more natural look.
  • Red Lipstick: As it is finally summer here in Austria I am totally into colors. Not just my wardrobe concerning but also Make Up wise and this Lipstick by MAC for me is totally screaming summer, beach, holiday. It hydrates my lips perfectly and gives just the right amount of color to my lips. If you wondering this one is called Hot Tahiti from MAC.
  • Fragrance: When you meet my on the streets you will recognize that I have a nice signature summer fragrance that I have been using already for many summers now. I bought it in Fragonard when I have been visiting this small perfumery there. It was such an interesting visit where we got to know how all the fragrances are produced. This one smells like summer – I can’t describe it any better it is very lightweight and fresh but also is very flowery. I will try to find it on the internet so I can link it down below.


What else have I been loving this month?

  • One thing that makes my heart jump is the fact that the semester finally is over and I am free now for three whole months. I can’t wait for all the adventures that are coming up this summer. Also I ended this semester with quiet good grades which makes me even more happy. I can now say that moving to Vienna was definitely the best decision ever made.
  • Traveling with my mama to Corinthia for a nice long girls weekend. I know it will take place next weekend but I am looking forward to it as I really need some time to refill my batteries and where can I do this better than lying in the sun at the lake. Also the fact that there is a SPA where I can get nice massages and very nice food makes me smile instantly.

What have been your favorites this month? Let me know I am very curious about it as I love to get to know new things.

Shop My Look:

Glasses – RayBan
Sandals – Asos
Sneakers – Zara
Sneakers – Nike
Mascara – They’re Real Benefit
Lipstick – MAC
Earrings – H&M
Jacket – Zara
Highlighter – MAC
Fragrance – Fragonard


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