Below and Above – See-Through Shirt

See-Through Shirts are a It-Piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe this spring. I have seen them everywhere. The first time I saw them was at some YouTubers, living in America and I was digging this look from the first second on. Unfortunately Austria isn’t that into new trends and everyone is giving you weird looks so I wasn’t hopping on the see-through train for quiet some time. Another thing why it arrived just yet here in Austria is that the weather here would make you regret your shirt decision immediately. 


As I said I was loving the trend immediately but I wasn’t sure if I could wear it, not according to my body, I just don’t like showing too much from my body. Underwear is something very personal to me that just my boyfriend and me are seeing but when seeing this shirt I fell for it head over heels and new now I can join the show your bra company. 


Can we just appreciate the beauty of this shirt, how the colors work perfectly together and it just screams summer with all the pink flowers that entwine around it. I paired it with my handy dandy Victoria’s Secret Bralette underneath and I have to say I feel very comfortable with this look. I definitely would say that you can definitely wear it for the colder days as the fabric is quiet thick and feels just like a normal T-Shirt. The fact that you aren’t able to see everything is the reason why I love it so much. When running into me one day you’ll definitely see me wearing this shirt. Mostly paired with a short and some nice sandals but I can totally see me wearing some jeans and sneakers to it as well as nice heels and a skirt. This piece is totally versatile and is perfect for every occasion, from elegant to casual. 


Also my mother who was with me when buying it said that this shirt is amazing but just not her style – way too girly. 

I hope I will be seeing lots of people rocking this trend the upcoming season. 



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