Breakfast Ideas – Quick, Easy and Healthy

At the moment my life is really really busy as I have so much to do for university, like going to classes, learning and all that stuff, but I want to have some kind of social life aswell so there is not much time for cooking. 

Many of my classes are starting very early in the morning and I am not really an early bird – more some kind of night owl. Also I am someone that needs something to eat in the morning as I am having some circulation problems otherwise. Unfortunately my circulation isn’t the best – thanks to my mommy. 

So I have some go to breakfasts that I absolutely love that are very easy to make and a little bonus is that they are healthy aswell. Let’s start with my favorite one: 

Porridge: I love this warm, sludgy consistency of it and combined with the freshness of the fruit it is just heaven. I like to make mine in a pot. I am adding 40 grams of oatmeal and some milk and stir it on the stove until it has my desired consistency. Then I am adding some sort of fruit – mostly bananas or strawberries and drizzle some honey on top. 
What also tastes amazing is a spoon full of peanut butter instead of the honey. Very delicious. Thats something I make when I am having a little bit more time in the morning. 


Overnight Oats: When I want to have some kind of porridge but no time at all in the morning I am preparing everything the night before. Just instead of milk I am putting some yogurt to my oats and maybe a little bit of milk. Then the same process again – top it with fruit and some sweetener of choice and you can also eat it on the go. 


Smoothie: When I feel like I want just something very light and not too heavy in the morning I love making myself a smoothie. I just throw the fruit of choice into a blender add some kind of juice – mostly orange juice and mic it up. When I want it to be more filling I add some oats or nuts to the mixture grab it and I am ready to head out the door. 


Avocado Toast: This seems to be the most loved breakfast on the entire planet. No matter where I am looking at – Instagram, Tumblr, etc. – the pictures I am seeing the most are the ones with a nice avocado toast. Unfortunately I am not talented at all to make such a cute rose out of it but I make it practical. 
I shred my avocado with a fork and smear it on my toasted bread. I am always using whole wheat bread as it is the healthiest. If I feel like it I am also putting an egg sunny side up on top of it. 


So I really hope you like all these recipes even though they are well known everywhere but it is just what I prefer eating in the morning. Do you have some ideas for me to add to my breakfast list? Let me know in the comments. 

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