Below and Above – See-Through Shirt

See-Through Shirts are a It-Piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe this spring. I have seen them everywhere. The first time I saw them was at some YouTubers, living in America and I was digging this look from the first second on. Unfortunately Austria isn't that into new trends and everyone is giving you weird... weiterlesen →


Mom Jeans For The Win

If you are following me on Instagram or on my Blog you might have seen a lot of change in the way I love to dress and also how to do my Make-Up. I have been trying out so many different styles and tried to copy so many Bloggers but I finally found my own... weiterlesen →

Welcome Spring – My Go-To Look

Finally the days are getting warmer and warmer and the sun is out more often. When it comes to spring for me the only problem is wearing the right amount of clothes so that I am not feeling too cold or too warm. Does anyone else but me have these kind of problems? I can't... weiterlesen →

Breakfast Ideas – Quick, Easy and Healthy

At the moment my life is really really busy as I have so much to do for university, like going to classes, learning and all that stuff, but I want to have some kind of social life aswell so there is not much time for cooking.  Many of my classes are starting very early in... weiterlesen →

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