VCM – Vienna City Marathon

Some of you maybe know that I absolutely love running, jogging and nearly everything that is connected with fitness – so I am very happy to be telling you that I did it. I participated in my first Vienna City Marathon. Okay it only has been a part of it as I was part of a relay with three other girls. My distance has only been 9.3 kilometers but I was running like I had to get to a show where a hundred percent sale is taking place. I am so damn proud of myself that I made it in 53 Minutes. Me personally I love to run more slow to be able to enjoy the run afterwards but on that special day three main things influenced me to run as fast as it is possible: 

First I was freezing cold as I had to wait more than an hour for the one that run the second relay and it had been raining and windy the whole time while I was waiting.
Second I was seeing so many people that where screaming and shouting to encourage us and that really pushes me past my limits and
Third I wanted to give my everything even if I wouldn’t be able to walk for days afterwards. 


I can tell you a little secret: I am not able to walk anymore. My legs are out of energy so that I really have to force myself to go to the toilet. I can’t move anymore. I know I pushed it way too hard but I am so damn proud of myself that I had been running that fast. 

At first I was like, well maybe I won’t do it and just walk the rest of the way but no I was convincing myself that as far as I believe in myself I can do it. When running a marathon you always have to tell yourself that you can do it – because if you don’t then you wont’t make it cross the finish line. 


Before I started I was thinking about how I will look like when finishing my part and that was exactly how I looked like. Even the fact that I was totally exhausted I couldn’t stop smiling. 

xxx Nina



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