Beloved Peplum Shirt

I can’t tell you how ready I am for spring/summer 2017. My body just doesn’t like the cold and that’s why I’m more than happy that the sun is showing her face more often these days. Also the fact that the days are getting warmer and longer is such a beautiful thing that I am smiling continuously and can’t stop. All my friends are like how can you be so happy when there is so much stuff to do for university?

My answer’s always the same namely the sun and her strays are making me happy and also i am accepting every situation facing me and that’s why i can be happy when others are stressing out.


Another thing I love to do at the moment is to show the world that spring is coming up and if this shirt doesn’t scream spring than I don’t know what. Of course I have to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath as it isn’t that warm here in Austria but in summer I will be wearing it without anything – so this top is very versatile and that is something I really adore. Also can we talk about this cute cut it just fits perfectly the length is also the perfect one and I think i don’t have to say anything about these springy colors.


I found this top at zara the other day and wasn’t quiet sure about it as it is pretty sexy when you’re not wearing anything with it but after trying it on it was clear to me that i need to buy it no matter what that has been one of the best decisions ever made.
People were complimenting me that this shirt suits me so perfectly.
I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I just can’t keep my eyes off of it so I reccomend  buying it as it is something very special and I haven’t seen anything like it. Maybe most people aren’t ready for it yet as it may seem too cold but as I said just wear something underneath. I also paired it with a blouse and a normal t-shirt and it always looked cute. Another thing that I had been afraid of is that I might look ten times younger than i am but with the right shoes and accessories that won’t be a problem.

xxx Nina


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