When My Cousin Is Visiting

As my cousin finally finished her last exam, she asked me if she could come over to visit me here in Vienna – to chill, hang out and do some fun stuff.
She already stayed with me once and also had been to Vienna quiet often so we wanted to do something we had never done before. Something that isn’t that popular. 

No sooner said than done. We decided to have a nice view over Vienna – so went on top of Kahlenberg. Okay this is quiet popular and many people have done this before but neither of us – so it had been quiet special. 
For those of us that want to exercise there is a hiking way that will take you about three hours  but as we were way too lazy that day we decided to take the bus which took us only 1 hour instead. On the way up we were able to see some nice houses and places, just like a hop on – hop off bus tour. 
Reaching the top we had been amazed. The sun was shining and the air was was so fresh and clean. Unfortunately it was quiet foggy so we weren’t able to see much the city underneath but it was nice anyway. 


We then went to Museums Quartier to take some nice pictures in the Photo Booth which is definitely a must for everyone when coming to Vienna as it is just so much fun and 2 € is absolutely worth it. 

In the evening we met some friends and had dinner at IKI. A lovely chinese restaurant with amazing food – absolutely Instagram worthy. All I can say is that it is a little bit on the pricier side but the food was so delicious and the amount that we got had been huge. I can really recommend this restaurant to anyone that loves sushi or curry. From my point of view the price was totally justified. 


What we also did that weekend was going ice skating. Another thing I haven’t done before in Vienna.
As I see it it is very expensive compared to Graz – but so much fun. There are parts on the rink which were slopes  so you  get really really fast. Also the ice rink is huge so the people space out evenly. We also took some pictures, were running up and down and down and up for such a long time and were catching up on the newest gossip that is happening at the moment. 


Of course we did some damage aswell and went shopping at Zara (the ushe) and had some coffee in the city. To conclude these two days have been so amazing. I had such a good time and had been laughing so hard that my six pack was working too. 

Also it wouldn’t be a post from me if I won’t show you my outfit. It was nice and casual – just how I like it when strolling around. And as always I am rocking them boxer braids. It is just the best way to keep your hair out of your face and also no one will see that your hair isn’t that fresh anymore. 


shoes – adidas
jeans – brandy melville
blouse – zara
jacket – zara
glasses – rayban


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