Come to the Opera with me

I really enjoy going to the opera house ,watching ballets or musicals. I have always been a fan of it and my dream job as a kid was being a ballet dancer – but unfortunately I never attended a ballet school – I am still a little bit sad about that. 

Never mind my step mother gifted me a day at the opera where I could look a little bit behind the scenes and learn some nice facts about the opera house in Graz. Do you want to hear some – well here they come


  • the opera house has been build within 17 months 
  • the company which built it also built the most famous store in Graz – namely Kastner & Öhler
  • the backside of the opera has three dead windows, which means that there is nothing behind them
  • Inside of the building there are pictures of famous german authors and composers and one picture of an english man namely Shakespeare as he counted to the german authors back then


Okay I stop now with the facts and won’t bore you any further.
If you are also interested in opera and all its beauty enjoy the tour it was really impressing. I was able to see the room where they store all their settings for the different shows and it was absolutely incredible how big these things are. Mostly made of wood or styrofoam as it would be way to heavy otherwise. Also the auditorium is so impressive so glamorous but in a very beautiful, not too dramatic, way. 
We were also able to stand on stage for a short period of time and it is so big it is so much bigger than you may think it is. The last thing we got to see has been the revolving stage and all its little secrets. I won’t reveal any you have to see it yourself. 


Romper – Zara
Shoes – Prada
Bag – Michael Kors
Watch – Kapten and Son

At the end of the night we also enjoyed „The Nutcracker“. It has been so amazing and the music really touched my heart. I had tears in my eyes during the performance as the scenery and the dancers were so amazing and touching at the same time. I can recommend this to really anyone who loves a little bit of kitsch combined with some amazing classical music. I am still speechless when thinking about this evening. It was one of the most amazing nights in such a long time and I can’t thank my stepmother enough for that. 


Now I am back with the ballet dancer kinda dream job – i just need to start taking lessons. 

xxx Nina 


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