How I Stay Fit

I absolutely love doing sports. It doesn’t matter what time of the day I really enjoy it. At first it was so hard to get my ass off the ground and start working but now I love the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that takes over my body after the workout. 

The way was pretty long:
In school I just did the courses that you have to do and also did some kind of gymnastics.  I had also been a race skier but I hated all the pressure of always winning. Another thing was that I had to get up every weekend in winter at 4 am just to be punctual and if you know me – you would know that I am everything but a morning person. 
What I did 12 years had been hip hop dancing and I loved it. Unfortunately here where I live there is hardly any company providing this and also it is way too expansive. I really miss dancing so much – often I turn up the volume at home and start dancing until I am totally out of breath. 


I never really liked doing sports until I found out that doing the right kind of it will make you happier than anything else. This would be dancing for me I don’t feel like working out it is just happiness. As I had to give it up I was looking for other things that give me the same feeling and here I have some for you: 


This is a mixture of pilates and boxing. The perfect combo of cardio combined with toning muscle work. I really love doing it it strains my whole body and even muscles I didn’t know  I had. I know this sound a little bit weird but I feel so energized afterwards and my brain feels refreshed and all the pressure and the stress is lifted off my shoulders. It is like I am born again. 
If you have the possibility to test out a course like this do it – it is really hard but absolutely worth it. 


Another thing I enjoy doing is running – especially when I am feeling angry, sad or stressed. When I am in such a mood I could run 20 km if I want to. I already wrote a blogpost about it, if you are interested go check it out. I will link it here. 

Home Workouts

I know there are not many people really doing it at home – at first I was watching the videos lying in bed with some chocolate and thinking well one day I will do it. So I did. I got my butt out of bed and tried some of these workouts. I love them. You can chose what type of sport or the intensity. If you are feeling weak you can do one that is for beginners, for example. Another thing is that these are free so you don’t have to pay for a fitness center and you don’t have to leave your house. There are no excuses anymore, like „it is so cold outside“ won’t count from now on. I will link my favorite ones here: 

Popsugar – Abs Workout 
Legs Workout
Full Body Cardio

Blogilates – Extreme Abs



I know many of you have the new years resolution to lose weight or do more sports so get off your couch or out of bed and get started. It will be hard in the beginning and there also will be days where you just want to give up and it is okay to have such days just try to be better than you where yesterday and never compare yourself to others. 


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