Mesh Tights Underneath

Opening up Instagram seeing one thing all over – mash tights under ripped jeans or just jeans. I always thought that this trend is amazing but I thought it would be very hard to style. I can tell you I was so wrong.
I already wore it to so many events and occasions and always been overwhelmed with compliments. Another thing is that it is surprisingly comfortable and the tights are more stable than I first expected – to be honest I thought it would rip while putting them on.


Also my boyfriend, who is always skeptical about my experiments with fashion, has been amazed and told me to wear this more often.
One thing that is a little contra about this is that you are freezing cold because it is winter here in Austria – but as my mother always liked to say: „Beauty knows no pain“


I paired the tights with my boyfriend jean, a body suit and a nice warm long jacket. Also i wore my new backpack with it – you will see me wearing this more often as I am totally obsessed with it. 



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