misscrew x adidasrunners

I always loved running. Whenever I had been upset or angry I put on my running gear and headed out the door. I ran as far as I could and also to stay fit I always loved being outside as you have all this fresh air and the nature surrounding you. 
Back in Graz it had been pretty easy to run as I lived on a hill I was able to run in the most beautiful spot I know and also as I know the city so well I was able to find back home wherever I was. 
Then after I decided to move to Vienna I thought I had to give up running as I don’t know the place. Fun Fact: I got lost while looking for a supermarket that had been 100 m away from my door so I have to admit I have a pretty bad sense of direction. 


To go on I send an application to the runners team of the miss magazine and they accepted me. That was one of the best news I got and I have to say although I had been more than nervous when meeting them for the first time – all the nervousness was unnecessary. They welcomed me so nicely and I can now say after running with them for two months now I found new friends. 
I think it is such a nice idea having a group of people that are nearly the same age meeting after work or university to go for a run just for fun not for competing or stuff like that just to go out having lots of fun. I felt so alone the first week in Vienna and was afraid that I won’t be able to find anybody but that changed immediately. 


We are running every week once or twice depending on how busy we all are and also the distances vary from 4 to even 8 km. When I first started I wasn’t able to run 3 km but now I am here running 8 or even more and I have more fun doing it than before being all by myself. Even on such cold days as now I always go to our run as I am having so much fun chatting with everybody. The time always flies by so quick.

So if you have the opportunity to join such an amazing group do it. I know running is not everyones cup of tea but you can also join a dancing group or a chess group doesn’t matter the most important thing is just going out doing something that makes you happy with people that love doing the same thing. 

xxx Nina 

💌 niina.galle@gmail.com
👤 nina.galle
👻 nina.galle

PS: here in Vienna you also have the opportunity to join the adidasrunners. They are also running every week about 3-4 times and you can always say if you have time or not. Here the pace and the distance vary so that everybody can join a run. When you think 5:30 per km is too fast you can also come to a run that says 7:00 per km. It’s really a nice idea and you also get to know some special places here in Vienna. 


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