Perfect Look for Cold Days

I had been so busy studying the past few weeks that I wasn’t even able to think about food – and if it’s me that forgets about food than you know it has to be serious. So my boyfriend decided to visit me and spent the weekend with me doing nothing but fun stuff outside. As I am obsessed with christmas and already decorated my whole apartment – we decided to spend the time at every christmas market here in Vienna. As it had been pretty warm that weekend I was able to just wear a leather jacket but when you look at the temperature now it would be impossible. 


We started our tour at the city hall where we had been eating so much we already wanted to go home again – okay my man ate so much.Than we went to the one on Stephansplatz and last but not least to the one at Belvedere.  I just love the spirit and the lights and the happiness that has been spread all over the place. It makes me so happy to see this and be able to explore it makes me even happier. At this time of the year I am just smiling and laughing and singing the whole day long what may be annoying to some but I don’t care. 


Shoes – Zara
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Shirt – Mango
Cardigan – Zara
Leather Jacket – Zara
Bag – Michael Kors 

So I wore something pretty casual but also something that can keep me warm when spending the whole day outside. I wore my go to outfit that I had been wearing pretty much every day. I just love the simplicity of this look that is often hard to create when you want to. 

Also my boyfriend likes this look and he is pretty hard to convince as he thinks I am always putting to much afford into my style. 

I will also give you a short recommendation of the best christmas markets there are in Vienna. I will list them the way I think they are the best. 

  1. Spittelberg
  2. in-between Kunsthistorisches and Naturhistorisches Museum
  3. Schloss Belvedere
  4. Schloss Schönbrunn
  5. Rathausplatz

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but I will when I am visiting one the next time. Hope you all are having a wonderful christmastime with your family. 

xxx Nina

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