Come To Prom With Me

As my cousin is going to graduate this year we celebrated his prom last weekend. I never really liked going to a prom as there are so many young people nowadays that just want to drink excessively. Me as an anti alcoholic it isn’t that funny having so much drunk people around. So I wasn’t rally excited going there in the first place but I have to say it was one of the best nights I had for ages. 

Dreizehn Genussbar | Franziskanerplatz 13 | 8010 Graz

My uncle and my aunt organized a little come together before the prom and we had some food and drinks – my uncle ordered the biggest champagne bottle I have ever seen. We sat together in our nice gowns and chatted. My whole family had been there and as I haven’t seen them so long it was really nice catching up on the newest gossip. 

The ball itself was amazing too, we watched people dancing and my other cousin and I went into the club – as every ball has a club here in Austria – and danced like no-one was watching. Unfortunately we were the only one dancing there as the others only stood around stepping from one foot to the other. I also met so many people I knew from my time in school so it was also very nice chatting with them. 


dress – zara | shoes – prada | bag – furla

So all in all it was a really amazing night and I have to say one thing don’t we all look stunning af. Just kidding but I think we did an amazing job dressing ourselves up. Here are some impressions of us taking pictures. I really enjoyed this family time also if it isn’t a normal family time but I just love seeing them as I love my family to the moon and back.
Unfortunately I am not having pictures of the whole family and my graduating cousin but as soon as I have them I will show you. 


my brother | my cousin | me | my boyfriend



I hope you also had a nice weekend and enjoyed doing what you did whether it was spending time with your family, friends or just by yourself having some me-time. 

xxx Nina 

👤 nina.galle
👻 nina.galle


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