black knitted sweater dress

Winter is coming so fast. I know we’re still having autumn but it is getting so cold that the first snow will be falling pretty soon. I had been back to my hometown for the weekend and I really enjoyed it spending time with my family and friends.
As it had been really cold and foggy on that day I decided to put on my favorite black knitted sweater dress that I got recently.

It was friday and I had a lot to do so I also wanted to feel comfortable. I had an appointment in the morning had been drinking coffee with my grandma and grandpa and had also been visiting the aunt and uncle from my father. At lunch time I spent my time with one of my bestest friends and we had just hung out talking about everything and nothing. We went shopping and just looked up what is new in the stores. It was so much fun. To feel comfortable I put on my Zara boots and some over knee socks to stay warm and cozy. I got so many compliments on this look as it suits my new hair perfectly because it isn’t too girly but also not too grungy. To carry my stuff around I took my Furla bag with me.

coat – zara
boots – zara 
socks – h&m
bag – furla
sweaterdress – monki

It was such a nice day that I didn’t want it too end – unfortunately it did. I haven’t seen my family and friends in two weeks which is a long time for us. So I really enjoyed this weekend. In the evening my family and I were celebrating the graduation of my step brother so it was a nice ending to a perfect day.

xxx Nina

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