sometimes i like it casual

Last week I had been back to my roots – as I like to call it – Graz. I was visiting some of my friends, family and also my boyfriend who I all left behind when moving to Vienna. I thought on this kind of weekend I don’t really need to dress myself up or wear much Make-Up. Another thing I was doing was going to the hairdresser as I couldn’t stand my yellow/blond hair anymore but that is a different story which I will tell you in my next story time post. 

As we were doing nothing special I decided to wear my favorite white blouse, which I got from Mango on Sale, with my beloved Obey sweater and some very comfortable jeans. I recently got them at Brandy Melville. Also another favorite of mine are these Adidas Originals Sneakers. I was looking for them everywhere – really EVERYWHERE – and I found them in an Store in Brest, France. I was so damn feeling myself on that day, I really love wearing outfits like this because you’re looking good and also feeling very confident at the same time. 

I hope you like my outfit and maybe recreate it. 

xxx Nina 

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