How I wear My Dress in Autumn

I don’t know what to say it isn’t really autumn here in Vienna it is more like winter – as it is pretty cold that I already have to wear my winter coat. BUT never mind I wanted to wear my favorite, dark green dress from Zara as it is so pretty.
I wore this outfit to my moms birthday party two weeks ago. I really have to say yes I have been freezing on this day, although it wasn’t as cold as today. 

bag – Hallhuber
shoes – Nina (american brand)
dress – zara / similar one

I also wore it again on Sunday when I met with a friend of mine but I definitely changed it up a little bit as it would be way too elegant for just going into town. I switched the heels to my Timberland boots, paired it with a grey cardigan – the same one as in one of my recent posts – and wore a scarf around my neck. I changed my purse from Hallhuber to my Michael Kors one as there is more space in it. 
I didn’t take pictures that day but I will insert one of the clothes. 


bag – Michael Kors
shoes – Timberland
cardigan – Zara
scarf – Peak and Cloppenburg 

I hope you liked my look, there will be more autumn concerned posts be up soon so if you like to keep updated follow me. 

xxx Nina

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