Having A Grunge Kinda Day

Lately I have been loving Band Tees and black lips. So many people I know were shocked when they first saw me rocking this kind of style. Everyone was like you are the sweet blonde girly girl that loves flowy dresses and blouses … but I showed them that I can also be a little grungy. What I absolutely love about this style is that it is so completely different than what I wear normally but I felt pretty confident. Some people made weird faces while passing but it is okay I love to get attention sometimes. 

glasses – rayon
shirt – brandy melville
jeans – hollister
shoes – adidas superstar
backpack – cayler & sons 

On this day my cousin and I were just walking through the city doing some shopping. She was the one telling me I should wear my black liquid lipstick with this look as it would tie the whole thing together and she was so damn right.

I really liked getting all the attention while walking around, because when I was younger often nobody recognized me or forgot who I was even if I just talked to them, so from time to time I like to show the world that I am here. 

My favorite part about this look are my braids. I love them I would like to wear them all the time if I don’t have to wash my hair sometimes. They are super easy to make once you get the hang of it. If you like me to show you just tell me. 

xxx Nina 

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