The Time Between Summer and Winter

By now the weather is freezing cold here in Vienna and the only thing I wanna do is cuddle myself into a blanket with a hot cup of tea. But I wanted to show you this outfit anyway – maybe it will get a little warmer here or it is still warm where you live. Let me know. What do you wear in-between the seasons? Especially if it is changing from hot to very cold. 

I spent my time with my cousin, just relaxing and listening to music at Schönbrunn. We tanned ourselves a little bit and enjoyed the last rays of the sun. We were talking about anything and nothing at the same time, were laughing and everyone was wondering why we were laughing so hard. I just love her. I can talk about anything with her and same for her. 

As the weather was pretty hot – the last hot day of the year – I wore a nice flowy Shirt with some ripped jeans. For safety I had a leather jacket with me, so I won’t freeze. I wore my favorite pair of shoes. They are so sparkly and silver that they have been the eye-catcher for this look. I should have worn some shorts because it was very very hot but I have to day it was bearable. 

top – urban outfitters | jeans – hollister | shoes – zara

Tell me anything you love about fall. For me it is all the different colors when the leaves change and also that I can finally bring back my beloved knitted sweaters. 

xxx Nina 


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