How To Wear UR Oversized Cardigan

As the weather is getting colder and colder here in Vienna – I finally can bring back my oversized cardigans. I love them you just throw them on top of your outfit and you look amazing with not putting any effort into your look at all. 
On this special day I was walking through Vienna with my little cousin and showed her the best places I knew back then. (I know it is just three days but never mind) 
This look was perfect – comfy, elegant and stylish at the same time. 
Nothing was too tight or too wide i felt so confident the whole day. Paired with some nice skinny jeans, a belt, a body and a messy bun and you are looking FABULOUS.

I love Cardigans in general, cause they can keep you warm the whole day but not too warm just the right temperature. Also as they come in so many different ways you can always dress them up or down. I, personally, like to dress them up as I like to feel more chic. Also I like to wear something tighter underneath so it isn’t so massive. 

body – zara | belt – brandy melville |jeans – brandy melville | cardigan – zara | bag – furla | scarf – zara 
What do you think about the weather? How do you stay healthy when the temperatures are changing so often throughout the day? Let me know. 

xxx Nina 

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