Rocking the Flee-Market Style

One of the best ways to earn money is to sell all your old stuff that you don’t need anymore, like clothes, decorational stuff or just other random things like electronic devices.

The last few years I gathered so much clothes that my wardrobe was cluttered completely. I wasn’t able to find anything in it and as I bought more and more stuff I decided to sort out everything I haven’t been wearing for a year.
Also as I have to get ready to move it was perfect timing doing so. I got rid of so many things that my closet looks really sad right now but I felt so relieved and happy and also I sold nearly everything which is pretty cool for my wallet. 😉

The only contra I can think of is that I had to get up at 4 am and as the climate is not the warmest in the morning and pretty damn hot at lunchtime I had to think of an outfit to rock which is on the one hand comfortable and on the other hand warm.
So I decided to put on a T-Shirt Dress with a pair of jeans underneath and a thick warm jacket over it. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough because at 5 am when you are tired you are freezing anyway.
When the weather became warmer and warmer I took off my jeans and got rid of my jacket and voilà this was my look of that day. Comfortable and very trendy.

Dress – Brandy | Bag – Brandy | Glasses – Snipes | Necklace – Brandy


Have you ever been selling anything on a flee-market? What’s your experience? I am so curious getting to know more about you.

xxx Nina

👤 nina.galle
👻 nina.galle


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