Vienna Adventures

As this city will become my new home for the next couple of years this Chance of taking some Make-Up Lesson by Smashbox came pretty good. I also was able to bring one of my Best Friends and we both took this ability to explore the city a little bit more.

I was one of the lucky winners from MISS magazine to participate in this course with some other girls. We got to know the brand Smashbox better and also learned some secrets about putting Make Up on the right way. It was a pretty amazing experience, as I am totally into Make Up and experimenting with it. Here are some pictures and I will link the video they made here: (the video is still in the making but I will link it as soon as possible)

Afterwards we visited the main monuments, like Stephansdom, and checked out the stores there.

The next day, unfortunately also our last day, we treated ourselves with an amazing breakfast at Figars. I have never heard of it and we wanted to check out something not so mainstream as Starbucks. It was amazing I had a toast with some cream cheese, baby spinach and avocado on top and some porridge with fruit. It tasted amazing. Really if you ever happen to visit Vienna this is a little secret spot to check out, even the lunches sounded amazing. I will link their page here:

Also I wanted to show you my little #ootd as it was super cute and I earned lots of compliments for it. I really felt pretty amazing wearing this shirt. The best about it is, that it was pretty cheap for looking this expansive.


Top – Zara | Jeans – Hollister | Bag – Furla | Shoes – Nike

I will test out the newest products from Smashbox and will review them as soon as I know what I think about them. Also let me know what you think about MakeUp and all the latest trends concerning the fashion world. Have you some secret spots I should check out in Vienna?


xxx Nina


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