Changes are hard – always. Everyone who is saying that they are loving that their whole life is changing is lying.
Right now I’m in such a situation. I have a wonderful life and I absolutely love it but I made a decision to leave my hometown, my friends, my family – everyone. I’m moving to a different city, it is not a different country and only a two hour drive away from home but just thinking about letting everyone go makes me so sad.

But it was necessary to change something I felt so crowded and felt so much pressure that I decided to make this massive step in my life. I never imagined time running so fast. I feel like it has been yesterday that I decided to move but now the day is finally here and I am not feeling ready at all. I can’t be the only one feeling so? Have you ever made a decision that felt so right and wrong at the same time?

Never mind I’m feeling both so happy to finally explore the world on my own without anyone telling me what to do but scared at the same time that it isn’t possible for me to manage this – my life.

I definitely think that the hardest part will be leaving all my beloved people and my beloved city.
Have you ever felt the same way? What was your hardest decision ever? Tell me about it I’m just too curious.
Also I will be way more active now on my blog since I’ve been gone for so long now.


xxx Nina

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7 Gedanken zu “Changes

  1. Akmost a year ago I also moved to another city. It is about a 5 hour drive away from my hometown. In the beginning i was devastated and regretted my decision but now this is my home. I realized that I am able to live anywhere but my heart still belongs to my hometown. I visit my hometown every 2-3 months and the journey is so annoying. That is why I realized that I want to move back to that region one day. I want to be around my family. When somebody needs my help, I want to be there for them.
    You should see this move as a testphase. It is not a final decision for the rest of your life. You can always move. Just give yourself time to adjust to your new city first. Find new friends, be open for new friendships, go out, explore the city, find hot spots, identify with the new city, celebrate the local festivals. Maybe you like the city even more than your hometown 😉

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    1. thanks so much for sharing your story with me and your advise. you are right maybe I will love this city and if not I am able to go anywhere I want to. you made me see this adventure in a completely different way thank you so much and I hope you are also happy now where you live ☺️

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